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Top 10 Highest Paying Yet Most Ridiculous Prop Bets for The 2016 Super Bowl


The Super Bowl is more than just a great time to drink with friends, eat hash-laced guacamole, and yell at a TV; it’s also a golden opportunity to make a ton of money on side bets. The Black Sheep has put together a list of the 10 highest paying (and somewhat ridiculous) side bets a poor college student can make for a big pay out during this year’s Super Bowl. These are real, and people are actually betting on them right now



Will There Be an Earthquake During the Game:
Obviously, we would never wish an earthquake on anybody. But… since the Super Bowl is being held in San Francisco, (and earthquakes love this sin filled, liberal city) its totally fine to wish for a small quake to happen. All we need is for one little chunk of a gigantic tectonic plate to wiggle just a bit, and that $10 side bet all of a sudden turns into $100. Jackpot.


Odds — 10/1



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What Color Liquid Will Be Poured on the Winning Coach:
Those orange coolers are full of side bet money. Be sure to check the lip mustaches of players on each team to see what color is left after each drink, to make totally sure that you aren’t about to waste any of your precious dollars.


Odds — 10/1 Green : 10/1 Purple : 5/4 Orange : 3/1 Blue : 4/1 Yellow : 6/1 Red : 4/1 Clear



Carolina Wins Super Bowl – Trump Wins 2016 Presidential Election:
This is without a doubt the worst thing that could happen during the year 2016. But… if it were to happen, maybe you should make a little bit of money to flee the country with.


Odds — 13/4 odds



Will Peyton Manning Be Seen Crying at Any Point During Broadcast:
Who wouldn’t cry a little after winning the Super Bowl? Peyton Manning is a soul filled man. We can only hope that he shows proper manners, and sheds a tear or two for the homies with the super bowl trophy in his hand.


 Odds — 6/1 Yes : 1/12 No



Which Song Will Coldplay Play First During The Halftime Show:

You might as well go big or go home on this one. Coldplay could realistically play anything. Put one dollar down on all three of the options with 9/10 odds and above, and you will win 2s to 4s of dollars. Listen to a bunch of Coldplay before making this bet, and pick the most Super Bowly version.


Odds — 2/1 Adventure of a Lifetime : 7/2 Fix You : 9/2 A Sky Full of Stars : 5/1 Viva La Vida : 15/2 Clocks : 9/1 Speed of Sound : 10/1 Head Full of Dreams : 10/1 Paradise



What Color Will Beyonce’s Footwear Be During Halftime Show:  
She will be playing with cold play, and since their music is depressing, most likely Beyonce’s footwear will be depressing as well. Obviously, Grey is the way to go on this one (if you wanna make it big).


Odds — 3/2 Black : 5/2 Gold : 11/4 White : 19/4 Silver or Grey : 7/1 Any Other Color



How Many Times Will “Dab” or “Dabbing” Be Said By the Announcers:

Most of us will probably be dabbing enough during this game to miss the actual number of times it was said, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t still make the bet.


Odds —Over 2 1/1 : Under 2 5/7



Will the Referee Redo The Coin Toss: 
If we’re lucky, this one will happen at the same time as that earthquake. Either way, let’s all keep our fingers crossed that this referee has been dabbing too much to make a proper coin toss.


Odds —20/1 Yes



How Many Times Will the Golden Gate Bridge Be Shown During The Broadcast: 
They show the Golden Gate Bridge hundreds times every sporting event that is held in San Francisco.


Odds —1/3 Over 0.5 : 2/1 Under 0.5



Will Peyton Manning Announce His Retirement In The Post Game Interview:
Let’s all keep our fingers crossed that the Broncos great and fearless leader doesn’t throw in the towel after his Super Bowl win. But if you were to bet $1 on yes, you could make a whole 6 dollars.


Odds —5/1 Yes : 1/10 No


The last time the Broncos were in the Super Bowl, some lucky guy made a whole lot of money on a side bet (like the ones mentioned above). The Black Sheep has just given you everything you need to hit it big. Good luck!


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