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5 Things To Watch Instead Of CU Basketball


CU basketball constantly gets overlooked. Football is CU’s thing- and that leaves all other sports at CU to be forgotten like that a hot girl’s slightly less attractive best friend. Basketball is no exception. Many students don’t even know when basketball season started. It might be going on now. Or it could be over… who knows. Here’s five things that CU students can (and probs will) watch instead of  Buffaloes basketball.


5.) CU football, duh:
Watching Buffs tackle the shit out of some other school over an oddly shaped pigskin is what drives many Buffs to start drinking at 10 a.m. and eat copious amounts of hotdogs. Or a salad, cause Boulder. Even when we suck, there’s nothing better than joining in the parade of school spirit and wearing those stupid furry headbands with horns. Sko Buffs!


4.) Pearl Street people watching:
The Pearl Street spectacle is beautiful. Sometimes, just the general cruise around to scope people out and wonder how it must feel to be able to actually afford anything on Pearl is a nice way to relax on a Sunday afternoon. Other times, it’s great to watch the street performers. That contortionist dude has been there since most of us can remember and he still manages to fit himself and his rad dreads into that damn box. Every time.


3.) Norlin views:
It’s so reassuring to see that everyone else is suffering, just like you are. Going to Norlin and seeing all your fellow students try not to have a public breakdown is like watching a suspense movie where you know who the bad guy is but nobody else does. There’s always that kid who is staring at the printer waiting for a paper that’s due in two minutes and some guy who’s gone to Laughing Goat three times in the pat two hours. He gets a double shot Americano and he now has the shakes.


2.) The bar life: 
There is nothing better than watching that guy in one of your classes spend $30 on shitty drinks and then go dry hump someone in the middle of the dance floor at the Walrus. Watching sweaty masses of socially awkward adults forget how to act when Beyoncé comes on is worth the sober view. Make sure to Snapchat all of this.


1.) A movie in CHEM 140:
 Go join every other college student that needs an excuse to be busy during prime pre gaming hours by hiding in the lecture hall where you failed your first midterm freshman year. If you can put off the Downer for a few hours, some of the movies are actually pretty great and *bonus* it’s free. Sometimes they even give free popcorn. Shit’s tight.


Go on out and see all the beauty that Boulder has to offer, because we know you’re not going to Coors Events Center. Boulder has some great views, amazing people and most certainly, not any basketball. It’s not like CU is a D1 school or anything anyway.



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