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10 Common UD Student Problems As Told by Arrested Development GIFs


There are lots of TV shows that can be used to describe life as a college student, but no show can totally encapsulate the unique experience of being a Blue Hen quite like Arrested Development. The Black Sheep is here to provide you with 10 GIFs that perfectly illustrate some of the common phenomena experienced only by UD Students.

10.) When You See a Girl Wearing an “It’s My 21st Birthday!” Sash While Traveling in a Herd with Her Friends on Main Street Bar Crawl:




9.) When You Get All Dressed Up and Show Off Your School Spirit for the Homecoming Game, but UD Ends Up Losing Terribly:



8.) When Kirkbride Jesus Stops Yelling and Tries Talking to People One-on-One:



7.) When Your Parents Actually Try to Spend Time with You on Parents’ Weekend:




6.) When You Go to El Diablo and Can’t Request for Guacamole on Your Burrito Bowl Because You’re a Poor College Student and Guac is Extra:




5.) When CR Dining Hall Decides to Put the Most Unnecessarily Spicy Buffalo Sauce on Every Dish Once Again:




4.) When You Get Back to Your Room After a Wild Dage on Benny Street:




3.) When You Don’t Follow Football But You Find out that the Eagles Won Last Night Which Means Dunkin is Serving Free Coffee Today:



2.) When It’s Midterms Season and You Take a Break from Studying in the Library to Go Grab a Snack from the Vending Machine in the Morris Library Commons but the Machine is Out of Order:




1.) When You Log Into UDSIS After Final Course Grades Get Posted and Expect All A’s:



Whether you’re at the dumpling cart or the banana stand, there’s no moment where Arrested Development isn’t basically the televised version of what UD students experience on day-to-day basis. Even if you’ve never had the privilege of watching a single episode of the show, you can certainly admit that the antics of the Bluth family in GIF form summarize UD’s buffoonery and tomfoolery to a T. Fight for the Bluth and Gold!





If you pregame the pregame then your life just becomes ones giant pregame:


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