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5 Spotify Playlists to Soundtrack the UD Experience


You might think that going to the University of Delaware is just like going to any other school, and that this campus is too normal and bland to function. If you think that, you’re right. However, there are a few unique experiences that only Blue Hens can claim they’ve gone through. We could write about them, but in an effort to better appeal to you goddamn millennials, we took the liberty of creating some Spotify playlists that encapsulate your thought processes during these experiences.


5.) It’s 3 a.m. and My Jimmy John’s Delivery Guy Only Took 5 Minutes to Get Here Greatest Hits:



It’s 3 a.m. on Saturday night, you’ve allowed all sorts of different substances to enter your body, so naturally you order a Turkey Tom from the Jimmy John’s on Main Street. You’re prepared for it to take forever to get to your place in the Courtyards, but somehow the delivery guy hauls ass on his bike and gets there in record time. When you go outside to retrieve your sandwich, you aren’t emotionally prepared for how Freaky Fast it came.


4.) No Seats in CR Megamix:



You’re a busy person with a meal plan, so sometimes you like to head to Caesar Rodney to grab a quick bite to eat on the fly, even if it means depressingly sitting by yourself. Besides, there are so many seats in this 1100-person dining hall that no one will even notice if you sit alone… right? Wrong. It’s the 6:30 dinner rush, bitch.


3.) Tunes for When the Train’s Makin’ You Late:



“I live on North Campus and I have an exam in my 8 a.m., so I better wake up early if I want to make it there in time!” you foolishly thought. As you get off the bridge to North Campus on your way to Smith 140 so you can tank your COMM256 grade, you hear some rumblings in this distance. Egad, the great iron serpent has returned!


2.) Barfing on the Rooney’s Pitcher Night Dance Floor Bangers:



Woohoo, it’s Pitcher Night! Thursdays the only day of the week you actually look forward to, so naturally you purchase three $5 Vodka Sour pitchers for yourself upon entrance into Catherine Rooney’s. An EDM remix of Come on Eileen is banging from the speakers, and you’re downing fluids like Stanley Yelnats did in Holes when he discovered water, but after a few minutes, you’re no longer feeling so hot…


1.) Busted Dage Blues:



You’re an underage leech who likes to infiltrate dages with your underage leech friends, so you sneak into a dage on Cleveland that looked pretty litty from the outside. Everything’s going swell: the Natty Lite is cold, the Instagram pics you’ll post later are hot, and no one’s questioned your presence yet. Suddenly, you hear someone yell “COPS!” Your law-abiding child self high-tails it right out of that littered backyard.


Why go through these Blue Hen rites of passage in a tangible, 3-D reality when you can just do so through online streaming? We hope you give these playlists more love than the architects of Willard Hall did to its appearance.


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