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5 Things at UD That Aren’t Even Cute

Anyone who’s been at the University of Delaware for a while knows that the school doesn’t offer much at which to marvel. And no, Chad from APES who you’ve been trying to hook up with for the past month doesn’t count. Here are some other things at UD that definitely aren’t cute.


5.) The goat statue outside Caesar Rodney:


What is your purpose? Last time we checked, UD was home of the fightin’ blue hens, not goats. And leg-warmers? Really? As if we weren’t depressed enough from midterms. The bell chokers, those were never even a thing, girl. It’s a “no” from us: not cute.

4.) The blue hen statue under the Pencader Way overpass:

Did someone’s tuition money really go into building this crappy bird statue? It doesn’t even look like YoUDee. The only way that this imposter of a bird is YoUDee is if he stopped working out, lost all of his chest gains, got really addicted to meth and dropped like, 20 pounds, then decided to give up on his mascot career to instead deter prospective students from ever wanting to go here (which is a blessing on their part). U are Definitely not cute.

3.) The dorm showers:

This is literally an unedited picture of what it looks like inside one of the dorm’s showers. How are you supposed to be able to tell that Chad isn’t lying about his “nine-inch” dick in here?  It’s like UD wasn’t even thinking about its students when they built these stalls. Get it together, Delaware – that’s not cute.

2.) The scientist pictures inside of Brown Lab:


As if Brown Lab itself weren’t spooky enough, there’s these creepy pictures lying around on the second floor of some old dudes. As if having to look at these guys while you’re suffering through chem labs or whatever wasn’t already super un-cute, their fashion sense is totally heinous. That tie with that shirt? Please.

1.) The urinal in the women’s bathroom at Brown Hall:

Again, what in the actual hell is your purpose? And can someone please explain why there’s liquid in there, as if some girl has tried to use it before? So not cute.


Can we start a petition to get some eye-candy put up around here? Sure, we just recently got new grass on the Green, but grass can only get so lush and vibrant. A Joe Biden statue, for instance, wouldn’t hurt anybody, and it would most assuredly be cute. Or maybe tear down that decrepit blue imposter statue and replace it with our actual mascot. We aren’t asking for much.



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