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The 6 Best Places to Smoke Weed on UD’s Campus


It’s 4/20, and that you will get high is not under question, but rather where. If you find yourself with a baggie of weed, but with no idea of what to do with it, look at our map of the six best places to get high on UD’s campus.


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6.) The “Green” Outside Redding Hall:




At first glance, this doesn’t seem like it would crack the top six. How would you not get caught? It’s easy: simply roll a joint and then wander on, looking like a sketchy townie smoking a cigarette on campus. Then you can visit your old dorm room and say hi to the two very confused freshmen who now live there.


5.) Steps of Caesar Rodney:




Caesar Rodney, AKA the new Kirkbride, AKA the place to go to yell at students, is the Wild West of UD. You can get away with pretty much anything here. Stick with the stealth joint, or pull out your bowl; no one has jurisdiction over these waters. And then go inside to eat.


4.) Under the Arch, Under the Smith Overpass:




If you’re in transit from north campus to the weed-pocket that is UD’s southern tendrils, you may need to pregame, or just get more energy to make the two-mile trip. Stop under this cozy little overpass, one of the only collegiate-looking brick structures of UD’s campus.


3.) Outside the American Philosophical Association:




Few people know about this, but the American Philosophical Association’s headquarters is right across from Purnelll. Go smoke outside, then have some riveting and mind-fucking conjecture sessions about the meaning of the universe inside.


2.) The Trabant Parking Garage:




Get like the true garbage teenager and smoke on the third floor of a parking garage. Buy a Swisher Sweets from the 7-Eleven to really make it whole. Then put on A Day to Remember and play Mario Kart in your friend’s basement, to round out that teenage angst.


1.) Alumni Park:




Secluded, full of shade, and not often visited, Alumni Park is the best place to smoke pot on campus. Sit on a bench, enjoy the greenery, and listen to the trees, and then go inside to Trabant and struggle to eat waffle fries while giggling.


This is a special day, and you don’t want to spend it high in your friend’s house while they watch SVU on Netflix and don’t feed you endless snacks. Make sure you treat yourself to a good smoke spot this 4/20.

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