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6 Most Snapchatted Places at UD


At UD, Blue Hens use Snapchat in a variety of ways including to remind friends that our school is cooler than theirs, to buy/sell drugs (cops can’t trace that, right?), to show our friends what dage they’re missing this weekend while they’re visiting their high school boyfriend at Towson, and to prove we had a crazier night than you because we’re still recovering from it at 11 a. m. on a Wednesday morning. Here is a look at a week in the life at UD through the max-10-second-gone-after-opening-Snapchat lens of a Blue Hen.


6.) Willard Bathroom Stall:

Maybe it’s not Willard for you; maybe it’s Gore or Smith or wherever else you most often find yourself slowly dying every week day, but you know exactly which pic it is: hunched over the toilet, vomiting up last night’s Burnett’s and DP Dough (which honestly might taste ok on the way out), with a smile still on your face for all of your fans.

5.) A Cleveland St. Bed:

With your bed head ragin’ proudly and your post-dick morning breath practically radiating through the screen, you gotta snap a pic prove to your friends that you got laid last night (and maybe beg them for a ride home). That or a snap of his lettered crew neck sweatshirt while you’re walking out the door.


4.) Alderman’s Court:

Whether you’re pleading your case over trespassing, trying to lower the fine of a noise vio, or begging them to expunge your citation from that one dage that— I swear there were over 200 people at, mom —Alderman’s court gives you a second to reflect on your awful life choices—and Snap encourages you to make your friends wish they had made them too.

3.) The Grottos Line:


Let’s face it, you’ll spend more of your college career in this line than anywhere else on campus. Lucky for you, the Grottos line is as much as, if not more, fun than the actual inside. Full of drunk college kids trying to pass the time by hitting on the person who lived across from them freshman year, this line is guarded by the most hardworking, amazing men. Imagine what these guys have to put up with every night: drunk idiots trying to fight, girls with late birthdays and fake IDs, and running into their Tinder matches while on the job… So make the bouncers’ night by pulling them in for a Snap selfie full of big, beautiful smiles and loving, caring eyes!


2.) Caesar Rodney Dining Hall:

Given that some of us are still mourning the loss of the OG Rodney Dining Hall (and its asbestos), we’re only a little bitter about how incredible the new one is. Often times, students will see a Snap story of what looks like the dankest omelet known to man just to be told it’s available, for just one meal swipe, at the CR Dining Hall. Keep those #foodintheair pics coming baby Blue Hens, because you’ll never know how lucky you are to have a dining hall worth photographing.


1.) The Green:

Not all of UD’s campus is Natty’s and vomit. No matter what time of the year it is, our Green is seriously one of the prettiest places ever. Lined by healthy, big trees and speckled with Blue Hens of all types, the crisscrossing walking paths provide for a picture perfect pit stop on your walk to Perkins. If you’re lucky, you might catch the slack-liners walkers in the background.


So throw a filter on it, or don’t, Blue Hens, because you go to a pretty picturesque school and you deserve to flaunt it.



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