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6 University of Delaware Texting Acronyms You Need to Know


The University of Delaware is a prestigious school attended by lots of important people, like those who write for The Black Sheep. We’re all busy as shit with hectic class, work, and drinking schedules; which means sometimes we don’t have enough time to write full sentences when we’re texting the homies. Here are some helpful acronyms that’ll reduce the time you waste by trying to type everything out.

6.) “BBW” Blue Birds are Wonderful:

Students at the University of Delaware are a proud bunch; so seeing this acronym peppered throughout their text message conversations is not uncommon. We use this abbreviation to voice our excitement over things like scoring a 90 on an exam, finally receiving our first negative STD test, and almost winning the homecoming football game.

5.) “DSTN?” Dumpster Sex Tonight?:

 Among the many things to do around UD’s campus, exhibitionism is by far one of the most popular. Students frequently attempt to re-create the famous St. Patrick’s Day spectacle by mating behind the dumpsters outside of Grotto Pizza. This acronym is most commonly used by freshmen that think they’re cool for alluding to a school-specific event that happened years before they even set foot on its campus.

 4.) “GDH” God Dammit, Harker:

Despite former university president Patrick Harker stepping down and current president Ass-anus stepping up, students still tend to blame Harker for their misfortunes. This simple “God Dammit, Harker,” text is a great way for students to quickly and efficiently express frustrations to each other. Normal people don’t understand it because it’s a strictly UD joke.

 3.) “BMTAGHLN” Boned My TA in Gore Hall Last Night:

 Everyone has a hot TA that they’re trying to get their hands on and Gore is the new Library, so it’s no surprise that we’re all trying to “study” with them in the hottest sex spot on campus. Its high ceilings and marble floors allow for beautiful acoustics that enhance moans, groans, and the sound of your partner finishing prematurely while you pretend for the hundredth time not to be disappointed.

2.) “HDWWLNHAITF” Hey Dude What Was Last Night’s Homework Again I Totally Forgot:

 “HDWWLNHAITF” is a really cool way to ask your friends for the answers to that assignment that you knew about since yesterday morning at 8 a.m., but blew off to rip shots off of your roommate’s desk instead. Fuck that guy, he’s a jerk and his desk is already sticky anyway.

 1.) “OOTG” Orgy On The Green:

 So we like to party, what of it? This quick and easy fornication abbreviation is a great way to inform your friends about tonight’s plans without having to extract yourself from the festivities taking place. It also allows you to communicate using only one thumb while the other does… whatever it is you’re doing.

 Whether you’re on the go, in a hurry, or having sex with multiple people at the same time, these trendy new UD acronyms are perfect for students who are looking for a way to communicate with each other without having to put in all the effort of typing out real words. We strongly caution against trying to teach these phrases to your parents. They’re not cool enough to understand and it’ll just make them feel really dumb.)


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