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6 Ways To Tell If You Can Trust Your RA at UD


Your RA is supposed to introduce you to college, force you into awkward friendships via icebreaker games, and turn a blind eye to your underage drinking. But at UD, we have RAs who range from strict as catholic school nuns to “yah wanna rip some GBs together in my room?” So how are you supposed to tell which ones can be trusted? The Black Sheep has compiled a list of signs to check for when trying to decide.


6.) They’re Potty Trained:
A telltale sign of an untrustworthy RA is one that just defecates everywhere with no sense of respect for other floor members, and then holds emergency meetings to shame you and your floor mates about it. While we know having a communal bathroom at the cost of free housing must suck, when you find puddles of pee outside your forced triple in Gilbert, request a floor change, stat.


5.) They Don’t Bite:
When your alcoholic floor mate won’t stop blasting Drizzy during quiet hours, the conventional response from a trustworthy RA would be a friendly reminder to turn it down. However, there are some that may bite them instead. If this happens to you, keep calm and let your arm go limp. If they can sense that they’re hurting you, they’ll know that biting isn’t OK.


4.) They’re Diurnal:
What use is an RA that sleeps all day and then flies around the halls at night like a bat? If they’re asleep when the fire alarms won’t stop going off they’ll miss freezing their ass off on the North Turf in the snow for an hour! –Everyone’s favorite part of dorm living.


3.) They Use Their Bed:
How are you supposed to trust your RA when they pass out on the floor or on the couches in the lounge? A bed cushions your RA’s joints, helps prevent injuries, and controls the spread of hair and dander if they shed. If you spend the time to research and purchase a bed that best suits your RA’s individual needs, you will soon find that it is their very favorite place to spend time.


2.) They Don’t Eat Dirt:
Eating dirt can lead to gastrointestinal problems such as constipation, abdominal pain, vomiting, loss of appetite, and diarrhea. Normal RAs will rarely eat enough soil to get into this kind of trouble, but if your RA seems drawn to dirt and consumes it in larger amounts or greater frequency, you don’t need them and they don’t need you.


1.) They Don’t Drool:
Who wants to watch someone drool while going over quiet hours and communal bathroom policy during a floor meeting? You probably don’t. Don’t trust your RA if they can’t stop slobbering.


Whether you’re coming into college for the first time or just don’t have enough friends to live-off campus, an RA is an inevitable part of the dorm experience. Make sure you can find one who will smoke weed in the bathroom with you.


Ever need a reason to skip class? Think again:



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