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7 UD-Themed Nail Polish Colors for Every Occasion

While UD isn’t exactly known for our jaw-dropping style, a lot of girls on this campus take full pride in our Fighting Blue Hen title and make sure their claws are always lookin’ good, just in case. Sure, Essie and OPI are known for being classic go-to’s for a quick mani fix, but nothing screams school spirit like proudly wearing the battles you face each and every day on your fingertips. Here’s a line of UD themed nail polish colors that are too relevant not to rock. (Take notes, Essie.)

7.) Freshman Dorm Room:

Although our campus is a beautiful one, there’s no denying it has its boring spots. Students stuck living in the dorms don’t even have anything fun to come home to after a hard day of pretending to learn. Even if you haven’t stepped foot in a dorm since the Dark Days of the West Side or visited your friend’s 5×5 in Lane all the damn way across town, we can assure you that every single one of them on this campus are still painted some shade of beige/taupe/white, so why not rock it?

6.) Dry Humping on Kate’s Dance Floor:


Imagine that you’re 4 Kate’s Punches deep, ready to make that trek upstairs, and the next thing you know you have semi-hard male genitalia rubbing against your lower back. Get the scene? Yeah, because you’ve been there. And no color expresses the shame that comes when you finally make your way out of that smoke cloud than a dark Klondike Kate’s green.

5.) Trabant After Dark:

You know those big spotlights that shine into the sky on the weekends? The ones that make you think either Kim Kardashian is visiting UD, or there was a UD Grammy Awards you weren’t invited to? Yeah, don’t worry, that’s just Trabant After Dark—UD’s attempt at ending binge drinking culture. Does it work? Well no, absolutely not. Does it look banging on your nails? Well yes, absolutely.

4.) Blown in Kirkbride:

This color is for the UD OGs that were here for the love story of the ages: the Kirkbride Blow Job. Although Kirkbride seems dark, dreary, and damned by the Devil himself, two horny Hens decided to really stick it (literally) to KBJ and receive oral satisfaction in the same classroom they were probably failing Anthropology in.

3.) Underage Rage:

Although UD is known for our bangers of dages, we’re also pretty well known for our dick bag cops. If you haven’t found yourself at Alderman’s Court at least once by the time you graduate, you don’t deserve a degree from this University. This color is for all the underage, open container, public indecency, noise-vio, and urination charges received on this campus. We’re sure this will be our best seller.

2.) Smell My (Chicken) Fingers:

No matter how top tier a frat is, or how many times you fined your sisters in order to get a better venue, every date party will include chicken fingers. It’s a downright guarantee. And the best part? No matter what kind of person you are—CrossFit-enjoying-vegan or has-Pat’s-on-speed-dial-fat-skank—you’re always going to race right to those little golden nuggets of happiness.

1.) Morris Library Tears:

It’s that time of year again where every seat in Morris Library is taken by someone either crying, sleeping, or maybe studying. We’ve captured that “dead inside” feeling and made it into this beautiful blue so that your nails match your tears as you wipe them away and onto your 12-page research paper.

We’ve created these colors, not to judge who’s rockin’ them, but to let them know we’ve been there too. Blue Hens are known for our downright disgusting lifestyles, so the best we can do is embrace them. Besides, nothing screams “I’m over you” like flipping off your ex with that Klondike Kate’s olive green on your middle finger.


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