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8 Places to Take a Quick Nap Around UD

 Sometimes you just need to take a nap because college is hard and there’s too many stairs in every building. If your eyes are closing and you’re too far away from your dorm/apartment/ house, don’t fret! Here’s eight places to catch some shut eye around UD before you drag yourself to your next terrible class.


8.) Those benches in Memorial Hall:

In most cases these benches go completely unused, which is absurd, because they are surprisingly comfortable. If you have class in Memorial and have 20 minutes to spare, this is the best place to be. It’s always quiet, easily accessible, and the couches are the perfect size for maximum coziness.

7.) The middle of the staircase in Smith:

The soothing sound of coffee being made at Starbucks will lull even the lightest of sleepers into a deep slumber. People sit on the steps to finish up work so the whole platform level is free game to lay down and doze off for a solid 30-50 minutes before the hoards of students escape their lectures.


6.) A comfy couch in Club Morris:

Studying takes forever and napping helps your brain so sit down, lay back and pass out! Although these couches aren’t that large, they are absurdly plush and easy to throw your leg over if you want to really spread out. It’s a great place to drift off to snooze town while avoiding your responsibilities and educational doom.

5.) A study section in ISE:

There are so many different study sections spread throughout ISE, and there tends to be at least one or two that aren’t in use during the day. Even if they are, no one’s going to care because they’ll be studying. If anything they will be incredibly jealous of you.

4.) One of the fancy lecture rooms in Gore:

Gore has some of the nicest lecture rooms in the world. When they are available, it’s a luxurious nap experience. Once you push the comfy swivel-chairs together, you have a perfect place to lay out without being disturbed, especially because no one can see you in the rows.

3.) An empty Trabant multipurpose room:

The only time these are in use for the most part is later in the day, so if the door is unlocked head inside for one of the most peaceful napping spots in existence. Shut the lights off and you can nap for hours without anyone finding you or noticing that you’re in there.

2.) Smackdab in the center of the Green:

Yah, the Green is a great place to study or hang outside with friends, but everyone overlooks the amazing nap opportunities that can be had there. On a nice, sunny day, it’s the place to be. You can take in the sunshine while resting your eyes in between class and its prime location so you’ll basically never be late to class no matter where it is, as long as you set an alarm.

1.) Waiting for the light to change at the Main Street- North College intersection:

This light takes forever to change, and if there’s a cop on the sidewalk there’s no chance you’ll be able to cross without being yelled at. So just park yourself down on the ground and take a 15 minute snooze until you’re jolted awake by “Main Street, walk sign is ON”.

The nap possibilities are endless! With finals looming closer and study hours becoming longer, remember: wherever you are on our beautiful Delaware campus, there’s a place to lay down and go the hell to sleep and no one will judge you because they want to do the exact same thing.

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