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All-Nighter Ends at 1 A.M.

Saying it was “really tough” and that she “was sure [she] was going to die,” sophomore Stacy Anthony told reporters that she spent “all night” studying for her chemistry exam before going to sleep at one in the morning.


“Look, no one likes cramming all night,” said Anthony, who left the library well before it was restricted to just the common area. “But when the choice is that or failing, you have to make the tough decision,” she continued before yawning, and noted that she got only six hours of sleep.


Anthony explained that her chemistry exam was “straight murder,” and that even with bypassing the recommended eight to ten hours of sleep she was ill-prepared. “Ugh, I just got wrecked, and I don’t even know how I could have studied any harder,” said the student who managed to watch the episode of Scandal she missed from last week before finally settling down for the night.  


Anthony then reportedly ordered a 24-box of Insomnia Cookies, telling a roommate, “I’m so bad,” and “Treat yo’self!” before going on Youtube and watching 20 minutes worth of Parks and Recreation bloopers.


“I normally try to plan in advance so this doesn’t happen, but sometimes you have no choice but to go the whole nine yards and just power through it,” explained Anthony, who the night before had heard for the first time the announcement that the circulation desk was closing in  30 minutes and immediately packed up her things.


Before exiting the library, Anthony made a pouty-face and took a quick Snapchat with an 11:33 p.m. timestamp that read “Work Hard 2 Play Hard.”

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