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Alongside Ammo, Second Amendment Club Granted Money to Build Sniper Tower

On top of the recent funding given to purchase ammunition, the RSO Students for the Second Amendment has been granted an additional $500 to build a sniper tower alongside their purchased ammo. To be used as a “look-out for potential danger on campus,” the club is beyond excited to begin the project.


This semester, the club hosted Katie Palvich, a well-known advocate against the Black Lives Matter movement. Making many students on campus uncomfortable without any backfire on the club via UD, the Second Amendment Club discovered that the university was definitely on their side.


Aaron Calloway, a member of the club, said, “Katie Palvich is very against the BLM movement, so we were all surprised when they paid for her visit. However, it makes sense now that we all know UD is very supportive our rights to own guns, and our right to spend excessive amounts of money to masturbate our synthetic patriotism.”


“We’re pro-constitution,” he added.


Calloway extends his beliefs that UD has the club’s and the whole student body’s best interests in mind. “With this watch tower, we’re just protecting our campus by pointing out and taking down potential threats. This tower isn’t going to encourage students to shoot and other students — unless we think they’re dangerous, of course.”

The sniper tower will be placed on the South Green, right on top of the fountain. It will stand 80 feet tall and 10 feet wide, and it will be made out of cement and students’ fears and tears. Equipment to hold “sniper-rifle-like objects” will be placed at the top of the tower; however, students must bring their own sniper rifles.

Along with the tower funding, UD has also given the club money to buy gun holsters, gun cleaning supplies, gun accessories, more gun ammunition, and copies of the best seller “How To Shoot at Moving Targets From a Watch Tower.”

“It’s our constitutional right to be able to defend ourselves with our own weapons, so what’s the big deal?” Calloway questioned as he sat atop the ammunition the university spent $500 on.

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