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Bartender of the Week: Matt from Homegrown


Name: Matt Danberg
Twitter Handle: Twitterless, but my Instagram is @dieseldaddydanberg
Bar: Homegrown
Relationship Status: Single 
Major: “I’m a super senior, I major in Math and Econ.”
Favorite Drink: Michelob Ultra
Favorite Shot: Pickle Backs 
Disgusting Drink: Gold Tequila 


What would you serve someone who just failed their finals?:
“An application to Homegrown.”


What would be the hardest question on Homegrown’s final?:
“What is seitan?”


If you made a shot called finals week, what would it taste like?:
“Can I say adderall?”


FMK: Rudolf, Grinch, Homegrown’s Manager:
“Fuck Rudolph, marry my manager, and kill the Grinch.”


What’s a girl/guy gotta do to sink your battleship?:
“Say ‘I’m gonna go eat at Roots.'”


If finals week was a Final Destination movie, how would you go out?:
“Stabbed at Deer Park.”


Where’s your favorite place to curl up in a ball after exams?:


Would you rather bop, twist, or pull YouDee?:


What would YouDee’s GPA be?:
“I’ll give him a 3.2”


Tell us the best way to cheat on exam:
“If I knew that I would have graduated.”


When did you learn Santa died?:
“When I asked for off this homecoming and didn’t get it.”



 Why should people read The Black Sheep?: 
“See above.” (He’s talking about his picture, he wants people to read the black sheep ’cause he’s in it) 



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