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Biden to Give a Birthday Call to Every Current Blue Hen Starting June 1st



In February, President Assanis spread a rumor that The Biden Institute was going to be an extension of the School of Public Policy. However, in an interview with The Black Sheep, former VP Joe Biden exposed its true purpose: a Birthday Call Center.


“I remember being a little disappointed about not being home to eat ice cream with my family on my birthday when I was a student. I know that current Blue Hens can get a little disappointed on their birthdays too and since UD students seem to really like me, I figured it might be nice to give them a birthday phone call every year,” said Biden.


Seniors have criticized the decision because Joe has limited the calls to only full time students. Many began postponing their graduations and signing up for part time classes just to be included in the call list.


“I figured it’d be just a couple calls a day, but then I realized how many UD alumni there were in the world,” Biden explained. “I didn’t really mind but then Jill explained that a lot of them probably get cake and family timeon their birthdays, so I limited my calls to full time students who don’t get something nice.”

The Biden Institute is already being set up with a full student directory and special birthday phone that happens to be shaped as an ice cream cone.

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