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Delaware’s Daddy of The Week: Steve

The Black Sheep has recently started a new weekly feature called Daddy of the Week. It celebrates the fine men on campus for their father-like qualities and overall attractiveness. Meet our next Daddy of the Week, Steve.


Name: Steve
Snapchat:  Rather not say
Year: Junior
Major: Exercise Science
Relationship Status: “None, no.”
Fraternity: Lambda Chi Alpha
Boxers or Briefs?: Boxers


What do you notice first? Eyes or ass? Why?:
“Eyes. I’m a big eye guy, nature taught me to be a big eyes guy.”


What’s the most “dad” thing you’ve ever done?:
“I wore a sun hat at formal all day completely to avoid getting sunburned, and the girl I stole it from got horrible sunburn.”


What’s the weirdest place you’ve ever passed out drunk?:
“The woods at my friends house, in a pile of leaves.”


What is a pet name you would give your D? Why?:
“Oh, Clifford. I’m a ginger, so Clifford the Big Red Dog.”


F*ck, marry, kill: Paula Deen, Flo from Progressive, and Fetty Wap?:
“Obviously kill Fetty. Then you f*ck Flo. Paula Deen is homely, she knows what she’s doing so I’d marry her. I was a fat kid so I need good food.”


What’s the worst place on campus to have sex? Why?:
“The book, because pretty much every freshman with a pulse pisses on it.”


What does your Tinder bio say?:
“‘UD Rugby ’18’ even though I quit that a year ago, and ‘LXA.'”


Do you fold or wad your toilet paper?:
“I wad that shit, who has time for that?!”


What do you think of baby talk in bed?:
“Oh wow I’m not a pedophile, so no.”


Who would you rather walk in on you having sex, The Kool-Aid Man? Or Joe Biden? Why?:
“That’s a really good question. Joe Biden just ’cause he’s so for the boys.”


Why do you think you deserve to be Daddy of the Week?:
“Because I know the editor. And my mom says I’m handsome.”


Why should people read The Black Sheep?:
“Because I’m in it now!”



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