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Exotic Vacation Destinations for UD Students to Explore This Summer



Summer is here, and those of us staying on campus are ready for a vacation from the Dirty Del. Luckily, there are plenty of hot, exotic getaway spots where UD students can go to do whatever they want without being judged, or caught on camera in Mentor’s Circle at approximately 3:24 am, for example. Try one of these 5 locations to switch up your summer.


5.) Newark, New Jersey:
This nifty little vacation destination is perfect for students who are experiencing homesickness, but aren’t quite ready to make the trek back to school just yet. Take the quick 20-minute drive to the closer Newark; a similar location to UD’s campus, where all of your public fornication needs can be met.


4.) Hammonton, New Jersey:
It’s been a few weeks since you talked to your GBig, or anyone else in Kappa Apple Thursday. It’s no North Campus Srat Row, but Sorority Grandma’s suburban paradise with its unkempt swimming pool half covered with algae is just what any UD sister needs to get away from the horrors of nannying this summer.


3.) Camden, New Jersey:
Who needs Firefly when you can rig your frat star friend’s pickup truck with a big ol’ Blue Hen flag and drive it over to a half-booked country concert? Experience the authenticity of this area with fun attractions like always feeling like you’re being watched, finding bugs in your pre-concert Subway sandwich from the shop just outside the venue, and getting mugged.


2.) Toms River, New Jersey:
Tired of having to hide your weed habit from your parents again, now that you’re home? Toms River is the perfect upgrade from White Clay Creek State Park’s boring old trails and dumb rangers who catch you and take away your bowl. Explore more of what nature has to offer in this different, scenic smoke spot.  


1.) Freehold, New Jersey:
Break free from Delaware’s stupid liquor laws and roam unbridled and under aged through Freehold’s giant grocery store-sized liquor store. This is the perfect place to visit if you’re looking to bring back souvenirs from your exotic New Jersey getaway.


Just because school’s out for summer, doesn’t mean that UD students can’t still turn up like it’s a sunny Saturdage in the middle of the semester the weekend before a chem exam with Wingrave because you know you’re probably just going to fail it anyway. Instead of trying to get everyone to come back to visit your on-campus apartment in the middle of July, entice your friends with ideas of trips to these beautiful and wondrous vacation spots just for UD students!






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