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Freshman Spends Three Days Trapped in Trabant, Too Terrified to Ask for Directions

This past Friday afternoon a freshman who was lost, yet too scared to ask for directions, spent three full days in the Trabant University Center. Sean McArthur reportedly arrived with friends to have lunch before walking back to their dorms when he lost his friends amidst the crowds of other hungry college kids, and found himself separated from the group.


McArthur found himself too afraid to take out his phone and text his friends for help out of fear of dropping his sandwich and scrambling to pick up his stuff and looking like a total loser. It was then that he quietly made his way through the crowd and found a secluded corner table. He reached for his phone to call for help only to discover that UDel Secure Wi-Fi had abandoned him as well.


As people began to trickle out of Trabant some hours later, McArthur began to panic due to the unfamiliar territory. However, crippling social anxiety and fear of being that freshman stopped all his efforts to find his way out.


In a desperate attempt, he began walking and picked a random person to follow out of the building to freedom. However once he finally found himself outside, face-to-face with a big sign pointing out a building called “Willard,” he quickly became overwhelmed and back peddled to the safety of the more familiar unknown terrain.


This is where Sean McArthur remained for the duration of Friday night in to Saturday morning, all of Saturday into Sunday, and half of the day Monday. He reports in his survivor’s log, which was found near the entrance of Trabant next to all the fliers and copies of The Review:


“Day 2. Exhausted. Snuck some chips from the food court. Wandered aimlessly and found the bathroom, but then couldn’t find it for emergency later. Pooped in a plant. Cold and dark. Slowly losing hope and all sanity.”


McArthur reportedly slept on a couch in the lounge on the first night, but then was unable to relocate the magical room with the furniture thereafter. Security cameras caught what appears to be a very distraught Sean McArthur suffering a mental breakdown in front of the vacant information desk around 3 a.m. on Monday morning.


Friends and roommates of the missing McArthur mistook his long absence and failure to return their texts and calls for him getting laid all weekend. Little did they know that their friend actually spent most of the weekend slowly unraveling somewhere inside one of UD’s most popular hang out spots.


Once Monday morning finally rolled around, McArthur swallowed his pride and approached the first student he saw to ask for directions. The young man smiled and pointed him in the direction of East Campus without a single ass-kicking.

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