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How to Host The Greatest UD Halloween Party Ever

Halloween is upon us! And if you’re not hiding under your covers for the rest of your life in fear of clowns, you’re probably getting hammered with the rest of the UD student body in the skankiest outfits you can find. The Black Sheep would like to offer a better alternative, and has pulled together a guide for you to host the most epic party this Halloween season.

5.) Serve all of your guests Pumpkin Spice Burnett’s:
Every UD student has spent his or her weekends trying a new Burnett’s flavor, vomiting, and never drinking that same flavor again. Luckily, there are over 30 flavors, including one you’ve probably never tried before: Pumpkin Spice. This sugary fall staple is bound to make at least two thirds of your friends vomit. We’re not sure how or why the ingenious alcohol innovators over at Burnett’s concocted this exotic flavored vodka, but since it only costs $13.95 you might as well enjoy it. Or the whole bottle. Or 5 whole bottles. ‘Tis the season!

4.) Hide Dismembered YouDee Parts Around Your Apartment:
If you really want to scare your guests into never being friends with you again (that’s the point of Halloween, anyway, right) hide the dismembered pieces of the YouDee costume all over your apartment. He’s scary enough to begin with, so imagine the laugh you’ll get when one of your guests freaks out at the fake bird limb sticking out of your toilet!

3.) Plaster Tuition Bills All Over the Walls:
Want to seriously freak out your friends? Nothing’s scarier than looking at how much money you owe this place. Everywhere they turn they’ll scream, and go to sleep with nightmares about how to lie on their next FAFSA.

2.) Provide Dining Hall Jungle Juice:
They always say not to drink the jungle juice, but your party guests will be back for more and more cups of this delicious concoction of whatever super spooky leftovers you can find at any of the UD dining halls. Watered down lemonade, off-brand flavored water, waffles, toe hair; anything that is served at any given time is game as an ingredient for this delectably terrifying refreshment.

1.) Decorate A Forced Triple-Themed Room:
Remember how scared you were the summer before freshman year, receiving the email that your worst nightmare, a forced triple, was coming true? Channel that inner fear into creating a forced-triple themed room that looks exactly like Gilbert Hall to truly freak out your guests. Stack your beds and throw dirty clothes all over the floor. Bonus if you can hire your bitchy 3rd roommate from freshman year to come yell at all of your guests!

So if you’re not already terrified after reading this article, head to the nearest crafts store for some fake blood and start thinking of how to combine your most scandalous outfits into one horrifyingly spooky costume with plenty of side-boob. Drink up, throw together these quick DIY decorations, and get to it!

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