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Kirkbride Jesus’ Snapchat Story [With GIFs]


Ever wondered what it would be like if Kirkbride Jesus was on social media? Well, wonder no more! The Black Sheep happened to get ahold of his Snapchat and it was pure gold. His snaps unveiled a never-before-seen look into a day in the life of the man behind the doctrine. Here are some of our favorite highlights from today’s snap story:



The first snap shows a little bit of the Kirkbride Jesus– or KBJ as his friends on Snapchat call him– humor. Some people can make a joke out of anything but KBJ can make a reference to eternal damnation out of anything. He’s truly a talented soul.




This second snap shows Kirkbride Jesus taking a break from his hate speech to enjoy the view around him. This is the softer side of KBJ that students rarely get to see, but it still exists under his tough exterior of general loathing.







The third and fourth snap shows some of the things that come up during the work day of KBJ. One of these things is dealing with the occasional heathen who starts a debate based on “facts” and “science.” But KBJ knows better than to argue with someone who’s gonna end up in hell anyway.









The fifth, sixth, and seventh snap shows KBJ on the move. Ever since he started occupying two spots on campus he’s had to be more active. But he never fails to stop for some shenanigans on the way.





The last snap in his story shows his buddy reminding students that they are damned. His last act of affection before he returns home, hits the hay, wakes up, and does it all over again.



Who knew a day in the life of KBJ could be so exciting?

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