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Local Radicals Make List of All the Words They Can Think of, Proudly Display it On Green

This afternoon, some local radicals gathered at the top of the University of Delaware Green to show the public how proud they are about all of the words that they thought of today. The list consisted of a humble sprinkling of single-syllable words, as well as some more challenging double and triple syllable words. A few impressive compound words were also spotted on the sign.

The biggest word, “warning,” thought to be the word that the radicals are the proudest about having come up with, was displayed at the top of the sign in a much larger and colorful font than the rest of the list.

One Black Sheep editor has reported that while a majority of the poster was mostly free of spelling and grammatical errors, its creators appeared to have had some trouble with the word “masturbators.”

“They did a really nice job here,” said University of Delaware English professor Jane Keller. “If this had been an assignment of mine, they would have received an A minus!”

No one has yet to congratulate the radicals on their near-excellent spelling and creativity, but members of the community have reported that they were impressed by their work today.


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