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Playabowlmania Sweeping UD Sorority Instagram Feeds

The latest craze at the University of Delaware is driving students nuts.

“Students are quite literally lining up for hours to get a fucking bowl of yogurt and it’s insane,” commented GDI Ally Thames. “I can’t quite figure out why these kids are going crazy over a bowl of yogurt that they could get at the grocery store for 1/100 of the price and time commitment, but they are.”

If you’ve checked Instagram lately you’ve definitely seen a Playbowl, because it’s been established that if you do not Instagram your Playabowl, you didn’t actually go to Playabowls.

“It’s sort of a trophy for students who are, for some unknown reason, proud that they waited in line for a completely unreasonable amount of time for a simple bowl of yogurt that’s loaded with sugar, but isn’t ice cream so it’s definitely healthy,” said UD physics major Robin Torrence. 

Playabowls describes their target market as “naive sorority sisters and avid Instagrammers” (we don’t fact check), and they really seem to be killing it with that demographic. Super senior, Taylor McCusker waited in line for one hour and thirty-seven minutes and didn’t even eat the yogurt bowl.

“I honestly just wanted to get a picture for the aesthetic on my Insta.” McCusker said. “I’m actually lactose intolerant and don’t even like yogurt so I just threw it in the trash after I got my IG pic. Can you help me think of a good caption for it?”

We didn’t help her with a caption.

McCusker wasn’t the only one who had a lengthy wait outside Playabowls in exchange for disappointment. Chilean exchange student Javier Sanchez mistook the yogurt shop for an indoor beach lounge.

“I finally got inside after waiting in the line outside for like an hour and forty-five minutes and I was pissed off because there was no sand, no water, no hammocks.” said Sanchez, “it was literally just a yogurt bar, why is it called playa? Playa is beach, there was no beach. They need to change the name, false advertising.”

We reached out to Playabowls for a comment on Sanchez’s request to have the named change, and after our multiple emails went unanswered, we were finally able to reach the Playabowls manager over the phone.

She refused to give us her name and all she said was “we totally got these dumb fuckers.”

We can’t be sure, but we’re assuming this is in reference to the fact that students are raving about the new healthy yogurt bowls that actually offer little to no health benefits.

Playabowls is off to a hot start and students are raving about it. It’s definitely not a fad or a flash in the pan that will become obsolete once main street gets an avocado toast shop.


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