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Proof That Mitchell Hall is Actually Haunted

UD legend has it that Mitchell Hall, located right on the unsuspecting Green, is haunted. For those who are uncultured, many years ago a construction worker named Elmo working in the building purportedly fell 40 feet to his death when the scaffolding beneath him collapsed. Now his ghost roams around Mitchell Hall, leaving behind trails of chilled air and asthmatic breathing wherever he goes.

Disclaimer: The following footage is extremely spooky and may be disturbing to sober viewers. You might not like what you see. Viewer discretion advised.


White, creepy, exuding weird smoke…Yeah, it could’ve been a frat boy, but why would he have run when the door opened? That was most definitely a ghost. It was admiring an old ass painting of people who are probably dead by now – any Blue Hen would have found that entirely uninteresting, but to a ghost, it’s the closest thing it can get to Instagram. Mitchell Hall is haunted confirmed.


Okay, you want further proof. Well, do you know what “stage” really means? S.T.A.G.E.: Something That A Ghost Enters. Yep, that’s right. So it’s not surprising that a real ghost – if it were going to show itself – would choose to make that appearance on stage. There are undoubtedly ghosts in spooky ass Mitchell.


Not convinced yet? Well, take a look at this. It turns out that the bathrooms in Mitchell aren’t for men or women, but for ghosts. Why? The stick-figures on the gender markers are white, and ghosts are white! How did nobody connect the two dots earlier? Haunted as hell.


Even more proof for the unconvinced. See this? A white figure is flicking the lights on and off. Now, get out a pencil and paper, cause it’s getting complex. Years ago, Elmo fell from the top of the scaffold, all the way to the bottom. What does a light switch do? Yep, “fall” from top to bottom. This thing is 200% a ghost, and it’s urging us to not forget that Mitchell Hall is spooked – just look at the urgency with which it’s flickering the lights. Don’t worry, ghostie, the smart people hear ya.


Here’s another piece of evidence. It’s clear that this spirit basically popped right out of the auditorium seats, which shouldn’t surprise anyone since ghosts can move through objects. Also, try this one on for size: g-h-o-s-t – that’s five letters. S-e-a-t-s – also five letters. Coincidence?! Fuck no. Mitchell Hall is damn haunted.


Still think we’re just drunk idiots who can’t tell ghosts from normal people wearing white? Then here’s a logic problem for you… Chalk is white. Ghosts are also white. There is chalk in Mitchell Hall. Therefore, there is obviously going to be a spooky ass ghost in Mitchell Hall. Do the math, sheeple! It’s frickin’ haunted!


If you’re still a non-believer somehow, then prepare to be spooked out of your mind. The most damning proof for the argument that Mitchell Hall is haunted comes from the footage of the final sighting: a ghostly apparition, drinking water.

Welp, start petitioning to cancel all classes in Mitchell Hall, because it’s evidently even more haunted than anyone could have ever imagined. If your professors don’t believe you, just show them this indisputable footage. You might even spook them so much that they shit their pants. Win-win.


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