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A Sh*tty Guide to Taking Sh*tty Grad Pics on UD’s Sh*tty Campus

It’s time to take basic graduation photos in your aggressively overpriced graduation attire front of the most cliché and heavily frequented spots on UD’s campus! Taking pictures while standing in the Fountain is, like, sooo 1743. How often are sober people found in the Fountain, anyway? In order to more accurately encapsulate the mundane UD experience, you can seek out the most mundane places on campus and reclaim them as the perfect photo ops. Here’s a guide on how to turn UD’s trash into slightly more photogenic trash for your social media accounts.

Find an undesirable location and make the best of it:
The South Academy Street construction site, the train tracks, the stairwell in Willard: there are plenty of spaces on campus that are necessary evils, so it’s incredibly powerful of you to reclaim these neglected spaces and turn them into the ideal backdrop. Locate your nearest waste receptacle, a perpetually unappreciated feature on our campus, and hop right in.

Work those angles, boo. Drop it low like you do whenever you and your friends from your freshman floor did whenever you all went to an Oompa Loompa Chi Alpha party in a basement. The trash-covered backdrop is more or less the same as what you’re used to in house party basements, so it shouldn’t be that hard to get into character.

Show off your killer bone structure by making the face you made when you were looking for the bell tower at the top of Memorial before realizing the hourly bell chime just came from a giant loudspeaker.

Replicate the expression you have when you have the beer shits and find a vacant single-person bathroom on campus that you can ravage.

Find a location that no one usually notices:
There are plenty of features on campus that we don’t often acknowledge on our day-to-day routes to class. Use your watchful eye to find one of these features on which you can do the absolute most.


Remember the fire hydrant by your freshman dorm that the fire department had to hook a hose up to in order to put out the flames your burning Easy Mac caused? Show it something even hotter than that.

Replicate a typical Friday night for Blue Hens who lose control of their bladder, after losing control to Lose Control by Missy Elliot at a Sigma Apple Watch party.

Become our shitty bootleg mascot — the squirrel:
Seeing YouDee every now and then running around campus silently with that lifeless expression is sure to make anyone’s day, but it’s not fully representative of your time at UD. Aside from Kirkbride Jesus, the squirrel is arguably the organism on campus to which you feel most intimately connected. Get in a tree and show how much you’ve learned from those freak squirrels.


Show off that psychotic squirrel booty for the camera, although you don’t have a tail to twitch uncontrollably.

Make that face you usually make when you accidentally make eye contact with a stranger through the crack in the stall in the Perkins bathroom.

As you can see, there are plenty of places on UD’s campus to not be basic while also being garbage, which is a constant balancing act undertaken by 90% of the student body. What better way to celebrate the newest graduating class than by taking the most classless photos imaginable?

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