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Spooky Halloweekend Ghost Sightings on UD’s Campus


Every year, lots of paranormal activity occurs on the days leading up to Halloween, especially on a college campus with a 273-year long history. Many reports have recently surfaced that ghosts have been swarming various places around UD’s campus this Halloweekend, but none of these reports have been substantiated by photographic evidence. However, our skilled, ever-present team of photographers at The Black Sheep was able to capture irrefutable photos of these apparitions haunting a number of different UD landmarks. Check out our spoopy evidence below!



Morris Library References Section:




We spotted this ultra-freaky ghost haunting innocent Blue Hens trying to get their study on before they spent the weekend perpetuating and exacerbating their dependences on mind-altering substances. Rather than saying “BOO!,” this quirky ghost floated around the library whispering, “The circulation desk will be closing in 30 minutes. If you need to check out books, please bring them down to the circulation desk on the first floor near the library entrance. The building will remain open as a study area until 2 a.m., but no services will be available after 12 a.m. midnight. Thank you.” Spooky indeed.



Mentor’s Circle:



For some strange reason, many of the ghosts flitting around campus seem to have a fascination with circular objects and patterns, which is why Mentor’s Circle was a total hotspot for paranormal activity. The ghosts we found here were colorful, but incredibly territorial; they kept chasing our photographers. There have also been reports that a faint “waka-waka” can be heard at times in this area, but it’s a mystery as to why that is.



The Mysterious Window to Kirkbride Hall:



While the window on the side of Kirkbride is a mystery of its own, our photographers noticed a friendly ghost playing on the other side of the window. It seemed to be waving to us and making a number of hand gestures, which appeared to be some kind of communication in American Sign Language. Our in-house English-ASL at The Black Sheep translator said that the ghost was trying to tell us that it was the ghostly manifestation of UD students’ GPAs after taking Calc 1.



The Bridge to North Campus:




It’s only natural that a spooky spirit would appear at one of the creepiest places on campus to visit at night. Our photographers noted that this particular ghost seemed to laugh like a pirate every time a group of basic girls wearing cat ears and little else would drunkenly try to run towards North Campus after noticing the ghost. We think it has the right idea.


Old College:



Old College, with its name being what it is, is likely to be a source of ghosts dating back for centuries. We weren’t wrong: our photographers captured this rectangular apparition floating around the building. While we couldn’t capture any recordings, it sounded like it had a female voice that kept whispering the phrases “Get Halsey for the SCPAB Spring Concert Headliner” and “buy Badlands on iTunes.” Frightening.


There are constantly phenomena on UD’s campus that seem to be unexplainable by modern science, but while that godawful fecal smell on campus is certainly puzzling, there are ghosts that appear on Halloweekend, too. If you have evidence or reports of further ghost sightings on campus that we’ve missed, fuck the Ghostbusters: call president Ass-Anus.



No, you can’t use shacking to justify being “technically homeless”:

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