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To All The Semesters I Loved Before

Dear University of Delaware,

They say distance makes the heart grow fonder and I can now confirm…it’s true. Being abroad has opened my eyes UD, you are Cloud 9. Actually, it’s better than that. You have dages, frats, and Kirkbride Jesus.

You have everything I need, baby. Did you know it’s “frowned upon” to pass out in someone’s front lawn here? I learned the hard way. No one dages because they have “work in the morning” and hates drinking Mad Dog because “it’s poison and has 1,536 calories in it.”

I’m even missing the fights we’d have. I never knew how much I would miss you wringing me out for every penny I have because I parked for 20 minutes on Main Street when I only paid for 19. Oh babe, those tickets were insane.

But you could be insane in great ways too. I know every curve of your streets, whether I was stone cold sober or plastered into a new dimension, I always knew how to get home. I’m lost here, no landmarks to go by, no cops to run from, I haven’t even bruised myself falling down on the street like I always used to on North Chap.

There’s no Roots here. There aren’t any boys in Patagonias and khakis. No girls wearing jean skirts and tube tops. I haven’t climbed onto a single roof during a party since I left you. I’m turning into a stranger. I haven’t shotgunned a Natty Light in what feels like years. Every Tuesday I wait patiently for it to rain and it never comes, feeling like Hillary Duff in A Cinderella Story. I dream about me and YouDee skipping through the Green together, hand in wing, heading towards Grottos where there isn’t a line to get in.

I’m going to be straight with you UD, you hold my heart in your hands. The only thing I have to keep us connected are the emails I keep getting from UD Alerts warning me about every half-naked person and nutcase running around campus.

I’m counting down the seconds until I’m driving back over the Delaware Bridge, straight into the endless traffic on my way to you. Winter session can’t come soon enough, and we can finally reunite. I can’t wait to eat shit slipping on your poorly salted sidewalks after it snows, watching 20 other people follow suit. The little things I took for granted are all I can think about now.

University of Delaware, I love you. I know you’re trucking on without me, wrecking everyone’s GPAs and causing mental breakdowns in Club Morris. I’m sure you’re standing tall and gorgeous as always and I can’t wait to see you in all your snage season glory.

With love,
Everyone Studying Abroad

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