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Top 10 Best Study Spots On Delaware’s Campus to Hide Your Suffering


Finals are almost here, which means it’s time to kick the studying and the suffering into high gear. Finding a nice quiet spot to study can be pretty hard this time of year, and locating one that will conceal your suffering can be even harder. So, we have compiled this list of the best places to study while simultaneously hiding your misery.


10.) In An Elevator:






People are constantly worried about their weight and trying to get #swole these days, so the elevator is rarely used. The low lighting is bright enough for you to see your textbook, yet dark enough to mask the shame of your last-minute cramming.



9.) In the Bushes by the Music Building:





These bushes are not only pretty to look at, but the pointy rose thorns that can easily tear through flesh will keep others from stealing your spot and jacking your laptop when you decide to take an indefinite bathroom break.



8.) By the Goat Statue:






Since no one comes by here, this is pretty isolated. Aside from the occasional freshman discovering the campus and yarn-bomber putting legwarmers on the goats’ legs, it’s a pretty quiet spot.



7.) In Front of the Custodian’s Closet in The Basement of Purnell:






Not only is this spot well hidden and quiet, but the custodian might come through every now and then to mop up your tears.



6.) A Bathroom Stall in the Basement of Perkins:






Bathrooms are a great place to study because you can simultaneously take a shit while you cram your head full of shit. Plus the added privacy of the stall means that no one will witness you visibly dying on the inside.



5.) The Fountain At the Accolades:






Yes, that is the official name of the disappointing second fountain. Studying here at night will not only be quiet but much like the fountain you will go unnoticed. Plus, it’s so cold they never turned it on, so you can study and nap unperturbed.



4.) At The Window Seats at Caesar Rodney Dining Hall:






There’s no better place to read over your notes and sob than CR. The windows in front of you have so much glare, assuring that no one around you can see your miserable face, and if they do, they’ll just assume it’s the greasy pizza on your plate.


3.) By the President’s House:






Here are two reasons why you should study here: 1.) The lighting is phenomenal and 2.) There’s no president in office right now who can cast their shame upon you.



2.) Under the Book Statue at Mentor’s Circle:






Since people are too busy drunkenly making out on the actual statue, no one will even notice that you’re here.



1.) Any Trash Can On Campus:






Let’s face it, your grades are gonna be garbage anyway. Save yourself the trouble and energy of walking to the library and just study in the trash.


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