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Top 10 UD Spooky Spots on Campus

Halloween is upon us, and what better place is there to revel in creepiness than the neglected parts of your university’s campus? The Black Sheep took it upon ourselves to locate and compile a list of the top 10 UD spooky spots to explore with your friends this Halloween. Disclaimer: We’re not responsible if you get attacked by Bloody YouDee, so proceed with caution.

10.) Back of Colburn Lab:


Colburn looks like an abandoned post-Chernobyl building that definitely has some creepy, radioactive creatures lurking inside. Either way, it’s downright eerie and yet another reason why we plan on staying away from the Chemical Engineering department at all costs.

9.) Basement of Memorial Hall:


If you venture into the basement of Memorial Hall, you’ll encounter a small hallway that leads to a single, unmarked door and nothing else. What, or who, could be in there? We’re pretty sure it’s a crypt for all of the past UD Presidents. Maybe that’s why the building is named Memorial…

8.) 3rd Floor of Brown Lab:


This looks like where someone would go to get an off-the-books lobotomy. Either that or a neglected mental hospital. We didn’t dare venture into one of the rooms on this floor, though ‘cause  we’ve seen the 2nd season of American Horror Story, and we’re not idiots.

7.) Bench Along Kirkbride Stairs:


The lighting here is very eerie, and there are tons of cobwebs above the bench. If you were to find a random skeleton lying somewhere on campus while on your way to class, this is probably where it’d be.

6.) Stairwell Entrance to 1st Floor of Ewing Hall:


Is that a 1 on the door, or  just a streak of blood warning us not to enter? We’re not sure, but we do know that countless people have died while trying to fulfill their math requirements, so we wouldn’t be surprised if the Math Department was haunted by the ghosts of students who flunked.

5.) 3rd Floor of Morris Library:


As if the dead silence of the 3rd floor of the library wasn’t already spooky enough, we found a mysterious, sequestered area nestled between some bookshelves. What’s behind this enclosed area, and why is it covered in a black tarp?

4.) Random Window on Side of Kirkbride:


This office window on the side of Kirkbride makes no sense, as Kirkbride is nothing but a bunch of windowless lecture halls. So what’s in this room? Legend has it that if you look into this window at midnight on Friday the 13th, you’ll see the monster who terrorized the dorms of Delaware’s past: Harkerstein.

3.) Stairwell to Basement of Mitchell Hall:


This looks like the classic staircase into the cellar that a horror movie protagonist aimlessly walks down while calling for their missing significant other before getting ruthlessly attacked by a basement demon.

2.) Back of Wolf Hall:


As if this barren plaza wasn’t unsettling enough on its own, UD decided to be a bunch of dicks and place this single picnic table in the middle of it. It looks like an abandoned playground, but that makes sense considering the Bio Department in Wolf is where fun goes to die.

1.) McKinley Lab Stairwell:


What sicko designed this stairwell that looks like the perfect place to be murdered? There’s a reason that staircase is painted blood red. Since we’re a big fan of spooky hidden messages, we also noticed that McKinley Stairwell contains the phrase “Kill Me.” Do with that information what you will.

Scare your friends this Halloween by taking them on a tour of all of these newfound creepy spots at UD. Or, if you’re really trying to get them killed, organize a scary scavenger hunt, perhaps?

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