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Top 5 Essential Tinder Pictures For UD Guys


The year is winding down, which means you have to get in as many last-minute campus hookups as you can before you return to Bumblefuck, New Jersey where the closest available mate with a pulse is a cow on the farm down the road. The key to finding these hookups is using the most popular dating (if you consider three strokes and done “dating”) platform as effectively as you can. Having the best set of Tinder pics that convey that you’re a complex person, but extremely available and desperate is the key to scoring at the end of this semester. So, we searched through countless Tinder profile pics and picked out the must-have shots. Thanks, Chad!


5.) The Group Pic:




It doesn’t matter where it’s from. It could be from your study abroad trip to Spain or even just chilling in Perkins with your bros. The point is, having a picture where you’re in a large group of people where no one can tell which one you are is essential to really express your individuality.


4.) The Party Pic:




Nothing screams “Hey, I’m a fun guy” than a picture of you at a party with a drink in your hand. The under-21 ladies will be sure to swipe right because they know you can provide them with alcohol. Bonus points if your shirt is soaked with it.


3.) The Picture With a Girl:




Is it your sister, crush, or ex? Who cares! All that matters is that you have a picture with a girl to show that you have women in your life and you definitely think of women as people. Hey, look at this one!


2.) The Nature Pic:




This pic will show not only your caring side, but also if you’re able to climb up to a high surface, it lets people know that you’re a guy who won’t let any barriers stop you from getting what you want. Any barriers, right door?


1.) The Fish Pic:




No Tinder profile is complete without the obligatory picture of you and the poor animal you just killed. Show your potential Tinder dates that you can provide for them from your local stream and take a picture with a fish. Get a frozen one at ACME if nothing else.



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