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5 Places at UD for Freshmen to Cry About Being Homesick

Freshman year of college includes many exciting experiences such as binge drinking whenever you feel like it, living away from home with new friends, and finally touching a woman after 18 years of pent-up sexual tension. One of the worst parts about freshman year is feeling homesick, and a quiet place to cry about missing mommy’s dinners is a necessity at a large school like Delaware. The Black Sheep has found some great places for you to feel like a child again and wail for however long your heart desires. Here are our top five choices for places to cry about being homesick at UD.

5.) Under a desk in a private area:

homesick floor

A great place to cry is under those shitty desks provided in the dorm rooms. You can sit on the cold tile floor, almost as cold as your heart feels, and let it all out. The snug interior of the desk also acts as a make-shift “bear hug” that your father would give you if you hadn’t deserted him for a life in Newark, Delaware.

4.) In the middle of the Laird Turf:

homesick field

The best place to hide is in public, right? Well, even if that’s not how it goes, rolling into a ball and screaming about missing your mommy and dog in the middle of the Laird turf is surprisingly therapeutic. When the over-zealous soccer players come by and mistake you for a ball, maybe their furious kicking will remind you how to feel again.

3.) In that private bathroom in the dorms:

homesick bathroon

This place is a nice, quiet, reserved-but-probably-smells-like-shit area to have a good cry. It may even feel like home, being that this is one of the only places you will be able to take a shit without seeing someone’s shoes in the next stall over of the third floor Redding bathrooms.

2.) In the middle of a parking lot:

homesick street

The big parking lot up on North Campus is not only private, but it keeps you in touch with nature and out of touch of your crumbling life. A couple students walking to their cars may pass you, and a parking services officer may ticket you for parking your ass in a spot without a permit, but for the most part you’ll be able to cry alone.

1.) Under a desk in a public area:

homesick desk

This great public-yet-private area will not only give you your time to cry, but it will also let everyone know how much of a wuss you are for missing your parents while they hold back tears their own tears, like adults. This may also get other freshmen nearby to cry with you, and you can all share common ground on being so fucking homesick you can’t hold yourself together in public.

All in all, feeling homesick is no big deal… unless you’re a fully-grown Blue Hen who should know how to do laundry without feeling miserable over your lack of parental guidance. Remember: there are always other pussy freshmen here to talk to if you’re feeling lonely! Just check in places like the CR dining hall and the football stadium on any given game day.


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