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Things UD Students Are Excited to Come Back to This Spring



It’s great to finally be back at good ole’ UD after a two-month long hiatus. While vegging out at home can be relaxing at first, it can get old after a while. We’re thanking our lucky stars that it wasn’t the Delaware Memorial Bridge that cracked, so nothing can stop you from sprinting back to UD and all your friends that you’ll probably never see after graduation. Here are some things every UD student is definitely stoked about for Spring Semester 2017!


5.) The Pink Trees Next to The Kissing Arches:
Everyone knows that the line of pink trees leading up to the kissing arches is beautiful in the spring. Though their bloom is still weeks away, it gives something to look forward to in the sadness of the rest of Spring. Even better, we get to appreciate them over and over again as every UD student, and even some of the staff, Instagram identical pictures of the same four trees. So stoked!


4.) Being Able to Freely Bring Home Whoever You Want Whenever You Want:
Being home for the famous UD 8-year-long winter break has reminded us all how wonderful it is to have a living space that isn’t shared with parental figures or family members. Bringing home, a one-night-stand for a little overnight spring fling is hard when you share your room with your younger sibling. Especially when that person was also a kid you knew since preschool and your mother will tell some story about how cute you both were that one time in 3rd grade.


3.) The Willard Hall Stairs:
The stairs of Willard Hall are a vital part to every UD student’s weekly workout regimen. A lot of students have lost their booty this winter break after sitting around for 67 weeks waiting for spring semester to begin. It’s 2017, and obscenely large asses are in. Keep those cheeks lifted and divided, just like our country!


2.) Sweaty Basement Parties:
There’s such a fine line between the number of people that will turn a party into a banger. Coincidentally, it’s the number of people that will turn the basement into a sauna, leaving attendees with swamp ass and consequently ruining that nights hook up. No one likes the smell of sweaty balls (or balls in general, really). But hey, who needs proper ventilation when there’s free beer on Benny Street?


1.) Swimming Through Seas of Greek Life Students to Get Anywhere on Campus:
Greek life is super prevalent at UD. Since sorority babes and frat bros tend to travel in packs, it can be difficult to penetrate one of their tightly knit fake friendship clusters. The next time you’re practicing you breast stroke to get to Smith in time for that communications class that you share with all of them, just remember to be gentle when passing the frat boy with the pastel shorts; his daddy can probably sue you if you scratch his arm.


While college can be a hard and trying time in people’s lives where friends, money, and sanity can reach an all-time low, UD supplies students with a bubble in which they feel free to pretend like everything is going to be ok. After spending two whole months tolerating our parents and watching all of our friends go back to school before us, we’re happy to be back!


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