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True or False: 5 Historical Myths About UD


Since the conception of the University in 1743, about two years after Madonna’s sweet sixteen, lots of information has circulated regarding the university, most without any merit whatsoever. So today, we’re going to set the record straight on some of the most notorious Blue Hen “facts.”


5.) The University has always been called the University of Delaware:

False. It would seem logical that the first university in the state of Delaware would be named the University of Delaware. However, a little-known fact is that much like the band Coldplay, the university had to try on a few names before they settled for their current one. A few notable examples were “Not Delaware State University,” “DuPont-Funded College,” and “Give Us Your Money Tech.”


4.) The University was born on a blood oath between the founding fathers and Lucifer on the under a Blue Moon:

True-ish. While this myth might not be completely true, in that the oath didn’t exactly take place on a blue moon night but just a regular Tuesday night, most of it does hold up. Meaning many students are completely unaware of the fact that our “prestigious” institution actually only came to be when the founding fathers sold their souls to the dark prince himself and bathed in the flesh of the blood orgy. The book at Mentor’s Circle was actually erected to honor the great sacrifice that our founding fathers made for the school.


3.) The Blue Hen Isn’t Actually Blue:

True. Most people assume that the bird must’ve been named for its smurf-like plumage, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, the first settlers that encountered the chicken named it blue not for its plumage, but for how sad and miserable the bird appeared. The bird that they encountered had just suffered through a bitter divorce and lost the house and kids. So the men dubbed it blue for its wretched demeanor not its feathers.


2.) The Green is Dubbed so Due to the Presence of the Grass and Plants:

False. The green is actually named after Gerald Green, the university’s biggest donor, who donated such monumental amounts of money to the university that they had no choice but to dedicate a large tract of land spanning from almost from Main Street to East Park Place all in his name. It’s also important to note that all bare areas of grass, all trees and all plants, and the entire agricultural faculty on campus are also provided by Mr. Green, and should also be properly referred to as The Green.


1.) Warner Hall is the First All-Female Housing on Campus:

False. Contrary to popular belief, female students are not the only inhabitants of Warner Hall. In fact, Warner Hall is also home to several ghosts, or the living damned, as they like to be called. These tormented souls of students past, present, and future have made their home in Warner Hall for several decades now and claim they have just as much right to live there as anyone since the university still charges them for housing.


Now that you have all this Blue Hen trivia under your belt, you can revel in the spirit of Homecoming and amaze all your friends and family with these pointless facts that won’t make your degree worth any more. But hey, at least you learned something in college right?


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