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UD Alumni: Where Are They Now?


With the beginning of another academic year and the undeniable reality of frequent panic attacks about post-grad life looming threateningly over our heads, now is the time that many college students across the country wonder about their potential lack of success in the real world. Here are some UD Alumni that are no doubt doing so much more than you ever will in your shitty career.


6.) Joe Flacco:


5.) Joe Biden:


4.) Chris Christie:


3.) Janet Sandsbury:


2.) Joe “The Tomato Thief” Jones:


1.) Thomas McKean:



Hopefully that wasn’t too depressing. Maybe instead of reading articles about successful people that you’ll never amount to in life, you should head over to Club Morris, pop an Addy, and overdose on knowledge… or at least try to make it to your shift at the Main Street Chee-burger on time.




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