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The UD Chug-It List


The University of Delaware has earned itself quite the reputation as a party school, and what’s a party without drinks? Just people awkwardly standing in a dark room realizing that they all can’t dance? With a need for drinks comes the bars that provide them and, of course, the exciting alcoholic delights unique to each establishment as well as the UD drinking scene traditions. So we went out to gather the deadly drinks, the so-long-sobriety shots, and the most peculiar shots found on main street that are must-tries before you trade in your excessive drinking days to become “functioning” members of a society that will suck the life out of you.

Bagels and Andre Dages:
From our very own self-sustained alcohol core comes the tradition of Bagels and Andre Dages. It begins with starting your day, 10 a.m. at the latest, with some hot, sexy, steamy bagels from NDB accompanied by a nice citrus alcoholic beverage of your choice. Be sure to save a little bit of bagel for the dage. At the dage you funnel down Andre like it’s water in the desert and munch on the little bagel leftovers.



FAC stands for Fridays After Classes, and it’s exactly what it sounds like: Getting out of class and going straight to Grotto with your pals to get hammered on the patio. It’s usually a practice followed by overworked seniors, but it’s not hard to find some juniors in the mix. There’s really no special occasion that drives this except the desire to drown the troubles of academia with cup after cup of your favorite drinks.

Grotto’s Slater Races:


Slater races are also brought to you by Grotto. A slater race is basically when you order a miniature Long Island Iced Tea-like drink and you challenge your “friends” to a race to see who can suck up their alcoholic concoction through a black straw the fastest. The challenge is often ordered at 21st birthday celebrations in hopes of getting the birthday girl fucked up before her blow job shot.

Deer Park’s Purple Gatorade Bombs:


Over at Deer Park, there are several specialty drinks that have earned themselves quite the name. The drink most popular with students is called the Purple Gatorade Bomb. The drink is a lusty combination of purple Gatorade, grape vodka, black raspberry and blue curacao. Basically, it’s gonna get you pretty fucked up.

Pitchers Night at Catherine Rooney’s:


Thursday nights at Catherine Rooney’s, students line up the block for Pitchers Night. A night with a live band, club dancing and most importantly, half-priced pitchers galore. Even though your night will be filled with pushing your way past people and elbowing the crowd just to get to the bar, it’s all worth it when you get that pitcher full of ice and alcohol.

Bottomless Mimosa Brunch Bar at Home Grown:
Open on Saturdays and Sundays, the bottomless mimosa brunch bar is for the students that love day drinking but want to keep things classy. The bar is like a mimosa buffet with various toppings and addition juices that you can add to your basic mimosa. Who wouldn’t want to have mimosas with brunch?



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