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If UD Colleges Were Snapchat Filters



Just in case you didn’t already know way too much about your friends’ lives thanks to Facebook and Instagram, you can track their every move through Snapchat. Unlike Facebook, though, you can use filters to make yourself look as heinous as possible, and they’ll delete in 10 seconds. Here’s what UD colleges would look like if they were Snapchat filters:


College of Agriculture and Natural Resources:




Minus the Pringles, these students are down on the farm on South Campus so often, they might as well become farm animals themselves.


College of Arts and Sciences:




The most basic students on campus obviously are the most basic filter on Snapchat. But, just like the dog filter does for their complexion, nobody can deny that it makes their GPA look so good.


College of Business and Economics:




You can count on these students to always be complaining about homework and how boring their classes are. Yeah, that’s what you get when you choose to double major in Finance and Accounting. A life of boredom. It gets to the point that it almost seems like they’re bragging about it… and the words coming out of their mouth start to look a lot similar to this. 


College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment:




The earthy-granola students of UD.


College of Education and Human Development:




Education majors are the goody-two shoes of the world, and for some reason always look good for class. So it’s fitting that they would be the filter that makes literally everyone look good all the time.






These are the nerdiest smartest kids at UD.


College of Health Sciences:




If your friend can never hang out with you, chances are they’re a nursing major, and probably always pissed off at how much unnecessary homework they have.


This really shows how diverse (or not) UD is… there’s a different Snapchat filter that represents each college! Maybe Admissions should start using that to sell the school to prospective students.




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