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What Your UD Major REALLY Says About You



Whether we’re aware of it or not, there are certain connotations associated with each of the 150+ majors UD offers, even if most of the student body has only heard of about twenty of them. Why bother spending time looking through the major finder when you can just obey your parents’ wishes so that your tuition doesn’t go unpaid? We’re here to tell you exactly what people hear when you tell them your major.


Public Policy & Political Science- “I’m just doing this shit to meet Joe Biden.”:
Finally, our dear father is coming home. We’ve missed you, O wise silver fox and the chances of actually coming into contact are growing…one day.


Pre-Veterinary Medicine and Animal Biosciences-I’ll never love myself as much as I love dogs.”:
When did I know this was the major for me? When I had to stick my hand up a cow’s ass on South Campus at 8 a.m. the other day.


Chemical Engineering- “Hey everyone, I’m a chemical engineer!”
Some majors require their students to engage in an internship at some point during their undergraduate career. The Chemical Engineering program at UD is unique, however, in that Blue Hens in the major have to engage in a 4-year ongoing internship that requires them to tell every other student on campus about how much work it is to be a chemical engineer.


Biological Sciences- “The mitochondria can’t produce enough energy in my cells to get me to read Ramona Wilson’s mass emails.”:
But somehow you’re constantly dropping science-y crap you’ve read in some sort of book that no normal person could pronounce the title of.


Geography/History/Literature/Anthropology- “We are to other majors, what Delaware is to the rest of the United States.”:
Part of the major requirements for these tiny fields of study is educating others about your existence. Obscurity can be annoying, but it’s not like our state is unfamiliar with the struggle.


Human Services- “PC-flower-hippie-love-child-people.”:
We asked a real life, in-the-flesh human services major for a phrase she thought encapsulated her major because we couldn’t figure out what the hell it was. We’re still not sure if her answer was pre- or post-bong rip.


Exercise Science- “Did you know UD has the #1 PT program in the country?”:
You’re still an undergrad, you still have to apply to that top program, but dream big friends, if you’re into that.


Elementary Teacher Education- “Man, I love working with kids and all, but the Delaware Public School System is really testing my patience.”:
It’s almost like you’re being tested to see how you’ll be able to handle grubby kids and the new ways they’ll be able to test your patience. At least no one in your college courses has shit their pants in your presence.


Hotel, Restaurant and Institutional Management- “Vita Nova Means ‘New Life’ and Yet My GPA is Dying.”:
Sometimes you try to sneak some of the food you serve to customers so that it’ll release you from this grip into the sweet release of death.


Business/Finance/Economics- “This better teach me how to pay back all these damn loans.”:
Not only are you trying to figure it out, but all your friends will ask you for help with it too, so just fake it with them and on your exams.


University Studies“Undecided Has an Identity Crisis.”:
At the end of the day, it’s still your standard undecided program just like any other state school: useless (even if UD tries to be bougie and give it a different name).



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