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UD Sisterhood Win! Show Your Little How Unique Your Friendship Is With This Generic Letter Written by Me

Dear Little,


First, I want to thank you for all the amazing memories we made this semester. Thanks for always talking to me whenever we see each other. I really love that you say words to me a lot. They’re always such good words. You are a poet. I’m so glad you know what my name is, because that would be awkward if you didn’t. Your name is also cool, and I like it very much.


I loved the days that we spent doing things after we found out we were big and little. So many things were done. We did a lot of big things, and a couple small things, too. Like walking in Trabant together, and walking down the Green together, and walking out of Chapter together. These are my most treasured memories of us.



I would be utterly lost without you, like an unsupervised child in a grocery store. That time we lost each other in that basement on Cleveland was traumatic for me; this is how much your presence means to me.


Sometimes I do stupid things like going to Laurel Hall for my alcohol poisoning; and sometimes you do stupid things like advising me to go to the health center for alcohol poisoning. But we are both here to balance each other out, and make sure to bring out the best in each other.


This last half of spring semester without you would have been apocalyptic, had you not been there to drag my battered and beaten body out of the spiraling depression that was life without a little. For that, I am forever grateful. Reveal was truly magical, and your smile when you saw I was your big lit up Smith 120 so much that it was almost like we were in Gore for a second. 


Now that it’s summer, our communication will be limited because you are from New Jersey, and alas, I am from New Jersey too; except it’s like a two-hour drive. I promise I won’t forget you, and to show my unending loyalty and devotion, I vow to sometimes tag you in viral posts on Facebook so you know that I’m out there, and that I still care.


Much Love,


– Biggie

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