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UDel’s End of The Year As Famous Movie Posters


It’s that bittersweet time of the year again when students are sad that the school year is coming to an end but are too busy wanting to die from stress to reflect on things. At this time of year the drama, stress, and lack of sleep can make it feel like you’re in a really shitty movie written by M. Night Shyamalan where the plot twist is… you pay 40k a year to suffer. Or it can feel like a really long indie comedy where you’re the punchline of every joke. So we came up with some movie posters to perfectly capture what this time of the year can feel like.




From the makers of classics like Toy Story and Monsters Inc. and, uh… Cars 2 comes this enchanting tale about struggling to find that last push to make it through the hump at the end of the year. Let’s hope it has a happy ending.


The tinder Date


During this time of year those who are desperately single increase their Tinder usage in hopes of getting some on campus before heading back home for a summer dry spell. This romantic story covers that search for the perfect one-night stand.


21 Main STreet


May marks the complete takeover of Main Street by 21+ year-olds on a mission to get wasted before finals. In addition to this lots of clubs, floors, and whatever groups that people belong to head out in large packs for their annual barcrawls.




Another thing May marks is the beginning of the suffering weeks or as the university likes to call it, finals week. Many students find themselves having to make a tough decision: go to Morris and stay up all night in hopes of getting a decent grade or accepting your eminent demise and just sleeping.




This time of the year also means that seniors are getting ready to bid the university goodbye. After years and semesters of attempting they just don’t give a shit anymore. So here’s to all you seniors who don’t give a fuck anymore.

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