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Ugh That One Kid Is Going To Be an Issue All Semester, Class Reports

Students confirm that that one kid is definitely going to be an issue all semester and ugh, would it kill him just to shut up for a bit? We’re only a few days into classes but we can tell that he’s going to annoy the shit out of all of us, sources say. 

We get that this is a political science class but we don’t need to hear your views on gun control when we’re talking about polling, said everyone in the class. It’s not even that we disagree with you, but, jeez, there’s a time and place, ya know.

We are seriously considering all becoming Communists just to spite you, the class told reporters.

Other sources suggest that holy shit just the sight of you raising your hand is like a traumatic trigger and that we can barely handle this where did you learn to be like this. Did your parents not love you, or maybe love you too much, those with intimate knowledge of the situation wondered aloud.

Do you see anyone else doing shit like this, asked the class. Seriously taking a fucking look around you no one wants to argue about how this chart proves you are smarter than us and every time we hear your name uttered during attendance it’s like nails on a chalkboard, but then someone also shoves real nails into our ears.

 And congratulations, you can quote South Park in class like it’s some secret nugget that only you know, said the other students. We hate you. We hate you we hate you we hate you. 

At least we only have to deal with you for one class, the class said walking into another room. Wait a minute Jesus fucking Christ you’re in another class too no fucking way goddammit.


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