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‘Where’s Delaware?’ Google Searches Skyrocket After UD Notches Princeton Review No. 1 Party School Ranking

Internet searches for “Where’s Delaware?” skyrocketed on Monday afternoon after the University of Delaware notched the Princeton Review’s No. 1 Party School ranking, as people from around the country wondered where such a small and forgettable state was located. 

“I literally just have no idea which one it is,” said Ryan Zielinski, a freshman at the University of North Carolina, when he pointed to a map of the U.S. “Didn’t even know it was a state until a few months ago when I found out Joe Biden was from there. Good for them for partying, though–must be exciting for all of their residents, which I assume all know each other.” 

The University of Delaware–which beat out West Virginia University, Tulane and Syracuse among others for the Princeton Review’s Party School ranking–is in fact a real place, if only for the fact that the state of Delaware exists, many internet users agreed. 

“I couldn’t imagine a whole state getting together to party,” said Bethany Franko, a recent college graduate. “I assume that since the whole state isn’t big enough to hold more than a couple thousand people, they must just have a couple ragers every now to get them to the top.”   

Besides “Where’s Delaware?”, other top internet searches for the day included, “Is Delaware real?”, “Is Delaware a state?”, “Are there people in Delaware?” and “Who is Delaware?” 


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