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The 10 Best Drunk Food Places Near DePaul

You’re never really going home alone when there’s a to-go box in your hand. We go to college in one of the greatest cities in the world, filled with some of the best drunk food one could ever ask for. The Black Sheep rounded up some of the best options for you to keep in your back pocket when it’s closing time and you don’t have to go home but you can’t stay here:

10.) Devil Dawgs:
Devil Dawgs succumbed to the man. The once all-night drunk spot for buckets of cheese fries and tiny, cute burgers now closes shop when most of our nights are just beginning. The good news is that the closet-sized grease shack is perfect for day-drinkers!

9.) Pita Pit:
AHAHAH. This one goes out to all of the people who like to order side salads instead of fries. A recent poll showed that 90% of women in a group chat would rather eat Pita Pit out of a trash can than bone a DePaul College Republican.

8.) Jet’s Pizza:
Gives your stomach the greasy coating it needs to keep future hangovers at bay for a little bit longer. It’s not Chicago-style pizza. It really could be from anywhere, like Pittsburgh.

7.) Gino’s East:
This pizza is the luxurious fine dining option on this list. Order when you’re flushed with cash and know that tonight is the night to make things happen.

6.) McDonald’s:
A childhood classic that is often overlooked in favor of more obscure options. It’s the Waldo of drunk food. Taking the road less travelled is stupid when this road has Big Macs.

5.) Big G’s Pizza:
Brooklyn style pizza where the smallest slice is the size of a really big kid’s head. Quality time for quality fun.

4.) Cheesies:
Everything at this place is glorious. These sandwiches are the magical combination of a grilled cheese with another meal in the middle, like chicken tenders or more mac n’cheese. Also, the best fried pickles potentially ever.

3.) Allende:
Sometimes you want to go where everybody knows your name. This is isn’t it, but it’s pretty close to DePaul’s campus so you might know a guy in there. The food is nothing to write a sonnet over, but it’s fast and inexpensive and everyone who works there couldn’t be nicer.

2.) Dimo’s Pizza:
Dimo’s Pizza is really weird in the best way possible. You can order anything from mac n’ cheese to s’mores to chicken n’ waffles. Basically, if there’s an apostrophe thrown in the name, they have it on a pizza.

1.) Taco Burrito Express:
Not to get spiritual, but this food opens up the sky and makes angels come down and whisper their hopes and dreams in your ear. Everything you order is right. Believe in yourself, believe in your burrito, and order an horchata to go.

A moment on the lips is forever on the hips, so let that forever be from the best options possible. Use this list like a Maurader’s Map, leading the way not to Peter Pettigrew but to the best pizza open at 2 AM. This is even better, because Pettigrew is fictional but mac n’ cheese pizza is as real as it fucking gets.


The best way to get drunk is to pregame, so let’s start now:

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