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The 5 Most Judgmental St. Vincent DePauls to Make Out Under This Spring

At DePaul University we like exactly two things: judgemental statues of our favorite saint, St. Vincent DePaul and snogging. Accordingly, our campus is chock full of judgmental iconography of Daddy Vinny, as well as hormone-crazed students happily engaged in the tongue tango. To help you combine these two beautiful passions, our team at The Black Sheep has assembled a list of the top five judgemental images of St. Vincent to make out under. No need to thank us.

5.) St. Vincent Heritage Collection: Saint Vincent DePaul:

Of all the judgemental images of St. Vincent on DePaul’s campus, this portrait of him found in the John T. Richardson Library is one of the best to smooch beneath. Look at the kind twinkle in his eyes, the slight smile poking out at the corners of his mouth, the sexy goatee. Let’s not forget the modest monk clothing. This St. Vincent painting might be judging you for swapping spit beneath his holy visage, but he’s a nice dude and has seen his fair share of hanky panky. He’ll let you carry on with your snogging, watching every minute of your hot action, silently appreciating.

4.) Wish Field St. Vincent DePaul Mural:

This colossal mural of St. Vincent DePaul above Wish Field is another excellent image of a holy man to make out beneath. Its enormous size allows St. Vinny to watch protectively over dozens of canoodling youths, ensuring everyone can feel safe beneath Daddy Vinny’s kind face. The bushy eyebrows of this image are also pretty reminiscent of caterpillars, which can be incredibly sexy. Plus, because this image of St. Vincent stands seven stories tall, it’s perfect for any voyeur-related fantasies you might have while making out with your partner.     

3.) School of New Learning St. Vincent DePaul Statue:

This small statue of St. Vincent in the School of New Learning is a worse image to snog in front of than our other icons. St. Vincent’s wide, staring eyes are definitely going to be ogling and judging your necking in the worst way possible. Furthermore, he’s dressed like Keanu Reeves in The Matrix, which is definitely the ugliest incarnation of Keanu Reeves, definitely a turn-off. On the bright side, though, the children he’s carefully protecting aren’t judging at all: they’re eager to see some smooching DePaul students.

2.) St. Vincent’s Circle:

The statue of St. Vincent at St. Vincent’s circle, between the library and the SAC, is one of the worst statues of all to make out in front of. This version of St. Vincent actually depicts him chastising a couple of wayward teens for their open-mouth kissing. It’s an incredibly unpleasant reminder of how judgy Daddy Vinny can be and totally ruins any make out vibes this little park space has.

1.) St. Vincent DePaul:

This final painting of St. Vincent DePaul is just the WORST to kiss in front of. Look at his loving, beautiful eyes, the holy aura of joy and kindness emanating from this painting. Somehow, this is a painting of a 17th Century canonized priest is an ABSOLUTE boner killer.

DePaul University has the greatest variety of judgemental images of saints for kids to canoodle beneath of any private institution. Here at The Black Sheep, we keep track of valuable statistics like this for prospective students, so be sure to keep an eye on us for more!





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