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5 Small Effort Fixes That’ll Make DePaul More Feminist

DePaul tries harder than most colleges to be inclusive, but there is always room for improvement right? We don’t just have St. Vincent DePaul, we also have Louise de Marillac, the oft slept-on feminist icon. In light of that, we feel that the student body needs to step up their game and start channeling Louise’s energy. Here are some steps that DePaul can take towards becoming a more feminist campus:

5.) Change school name to DePaula:
We gotta get some buildings named after ladies here! To be fair, we have no idea if any are currently named after women, so changing the name of the school will be enough to cover up the damage that we must assume is there.

4.) The J.T. Rachael LiBRAry:
If DePaul really cares about helping women progress, they should encourage their student body to support the “Free the Nipple” movement. It hasn’t been talked about for a while and now is the time for a comeback. Or the big chested students will discuss the difficulties of finding a bra that fits them and how the fashion industry heavily favors certain body types. You will absorb so much knowledge you might as well be the sponge used in a push-up bra.

3.) 14 E Janet Jackson:
To make a tangible difference towards women’s rights, DePaul needs to change the name of the Loop Campus building, 14 E Jackson, to 14 E Janet Jackson. We’re not asking them to change the name of the street itself, that’s insane, just add in five more letters and we’ll be happy. Women are used to lowering their standards, so we’ll take what we can get. It’s the address of the building you say? Well, we’re SO sorry you may have to change a teeny tiny part of your life to be more inclusive.

2.) O’ Cocktail Hall:
Women love cocktails and nothing can be more progressive than fulfilling a stereotype! Unless fitting a stereotype is progressive because people try to avoid being stereotyped? Or you can lean into being a stereotype, therefore taking the power back? Or, be a stereotype, but don’t like, make a big deal out of it so it doesn’t look like your overcompensating?

1.) Change the Sac to “the V” :
This is so stereotypical. Men think they can just talk about their genitals day and night, even name a freakin’ building after them, but the second a woman starts to even mention her period a deadly hush falls. Changing the name of the SAC to the V is helping the feminist cause because it begins the conversation around women’s health.

If DePaul made these next steps to becoming more feminist, the world would be so much better. Changing the name of a building or two will solve all misogyny.

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