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DePaul Bartender of the Week: Anthony from Kelly’s Pub

Name: Anthony

Twitter Handle: @goaheadNlaugh

Bar: Kelly’s Pub

Relationship Status: Single

Major: N/A

Favorite Drink: Tito’s and soda tall, no foam

Favorite Shot: Tequila or Jameson

Disgusting Drink: Malort

What would you make for someone stuck in Chicago for spring break?:
I’d want them to feel like they are on spring break. Depends on the person. Maybe a Tequila Sunrise or an upside down pineapple drink. Something fruity and sweet.

What do you think is most different between bartending at Kelly’s and bartending in Cancun?:
I think to bartend there you probably just have to deal with really drunk people but also be able to have a good time and making sure that they have a good time. Here, it’s more of a social atmosphere. In Chicago people go out to drink just to socialize. Where in Cancun you’re there to party. You’re going to get fucked up.

Which is the best drinking game for spring break? Why?:

I’d always liked ‘Sink the Bizz’. You fill up a big pitcher of beer and put a glass in there so it floats and everyone takes turns pouring beer in. It’s simple, don’t have to deal with cards. No bullshit.

If you got arrested on spring break, what would you want it to be for?:
I mean, I’m thirty, so this would be weird if it’s still happening. I’ve gotten a few tickets for public intoxication like throwing up and stuff.

How many beers do you need in ya’ before you’re peein’ the pool?:
I am half Irish and half Mexican so I have very strong drinking genes. If it’s the Lake, then not that many. But if I’m in a pool with my buddies or something I’d have to have a pretty deep buzz.

Would you rather hook up with two 5s on spring break, or one 10?:
If she’s fun, I’m fun, we’re having a good time and chemistry’s cooking, then I’ll give it a go. So one 10 I guess?

What’s the least it would cost to flash your stuff?:
Money wise? Who am I flashing? I guess the number would have to be really up there. I’m not really that guy.

Which type of shark best represents your sex life?:
I’m going to scratch the shark analogy and just say dolphin. They’re the only other creature that has sex for pleasure not just for mating reasons.

Why should people read The Black Sheep?
For a good old laugh!

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