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A DePaul Stoner’s Guide to Lighting Up When it Sucks Outside

In an Ideal world the true stoners would choose a warm, vibin’ climate to exist in, but unfortunately for all of you DePaul stoners, you’re not in Cali anymore. Chicago is just not going to put up with your shit, and in its infinite glory, it is a city that is bound to throw you a few curve balls come wintertime. Since we at The Black Sheep know that DePaul stoners are some of the most dedicated, so we’re here to tell you five ways that a DePaul stoner can cope with their dope even on the coldest Chicago day.

5.) Weed socks:
Finally, something that is part of the true DePaul stoner wardrobe that can actually be put to good use! If you are a hip stoner who thinks you’re above a good pair of marijuana socks, it’s time to get off of your high horse. Socks are the foundation of warmth, and if your brain is getting toasty, your paws need to be toasty too.

4.) Sneaky smokes:
They say the best ideas come while stoned and this is a perfect way to test that sentiment. If you, “just, totally can’t…dude,” then this is the option for you. Most stoners would prefer to just smoke inside when it’s chilly, but if you’re a DePaul stoner whose parents pay for their hella expensive apartment in the city, this may not be an option. Partly because you never know when an unexpected visit from Tim and Mary may occur, but mainly because DePaul stoners are pussies.

So, if you must stay inside, it’s time to get inventive. We’re talking good, old-fashioned dryer sheets, shower smokes and head-out-the-window hits. It’s time to resort to your younger years of sneaky drug use.

3.) Resort to vaping:
Every stoner’s worst nightmare is becoming a vaper. Although the vape is not as fulfilling as the green, desperate times call for desperate measures. Sometimes, the cold is just not worth it, and if you find yourself in a pinch, it’s important to keep an open mind. While vaping gives you the release of smoking, it lacks the certain je ne sais quoi that Mary Jane has (THC…it’s lacking THC).

2.) Going cold turkey:
There is more to life than getting high, kids! After all, you go to a prestigious Catholic university that has plenty of fun activities to offer during the cold months like…going to church or going to a DePaul basketball game (if given the choice, choose church). It’s important to explore all that this city has to offer! Besides, there are plenty of other smokeless drugs to try, why limit yourself?

1.) Smoke until your true feelings subside:
The amazing thing about drugs is that they inhibit your regular feelings! So, if you have to go outside to smoke and find yourself freezing, you should just keep smoking. After a while, the cold will feel like little snow angels kissing your body.  You can deal with the frostbite in the morning, but for the moment, #drugsnothugs.

Everyone deserves the warm embrace of weed, so don’t let the cold stop you.  If none of these tips suit your fancy, you could just throw a coat on and stop being a bitch. Bundle up and blaze up!

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