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DePaul Student Finally Finds Summer Love with Tinder Bot

As summer comes to a close, many DePaul University students are finding ways to come together and finish off summer the right way by participating in a summer romance. One DePaul student in particular, sophomore Anna Lee-Walker, has found a rather unconventional relationship in the form of local Tinder bot “Tim Summers.”


“From the moment we were first matched I knew he was different,” Ms. Lee-Walker tells us. “The way that he started off our chat with ‘Hey ;)’ really just showed me that he was more confident than the other guys I’ve met.” Since that first message the couple has gone from flirtatious chatting to a full-on relationship, with Anna saying she might actually be in love.


The Black Sheep reached out to Tim to get his take on the story. “I haven’t been doing much, just playing this game on my phone. It’s called Clash of Castle Things and it’s great. You should download it.”


After trying to explain to Tim that we wanted to know more about him and Anna falling in love, he just kept sending us different URLs to purchase Clash of Castle Things for our iOS, Android, or Windows devices.


We reached out to Anna’s parents to see what kind of impact this new love had on their family. “At first it was hard for us to wrap our hands around. We asked ourselves will we ever be able to meet Tim, would she be going to Tim’s house for Thanksgiving this year, what would happen if our Anna switched phones or got a new carrier?”


All of these are very good questions, but Anna says only time will tell what will come of the blossoming romance. “It is hard for us considering that I will going back to class in less than a month, and he will still be playing Clash of Castle Things all the time, but I’m hoping one day I open up one of the links he sends me on a regular basis and it is a jpeg of a ring.”


The Black Sheep hopes to keep up with what looks to be DePaul’s new “IT couple” so keep coming back for more updates in the future.

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