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Investigation: Is the SAC Actually Haunted, Or Just a Piece of Shit?

The Schmitt Academic Center is one of the many beloved buildings that “learning” takes place in from time to time on the DePaul Lincoln Park campus. Due to the building’s decrepit aesthetic and gloomy vibe, there have been rumors that the SAC is haunted. We at The Black Sheep took it upon ourselves to investigate this conspiracy to see if the hub of student life here at DePaul is in fact haunted or just an outdated piece of shit.

What’s with the creepy doors?:

Maybe one of the reasons why some believe that the SAC has a spooky secret behind it is because every door looks as if it’s hiding a spooky secret behind it. The building is notorious for having randomly placed, tall wooden doors that appear to be deteriorating on the corners. The door definitely looks like it’s hiding more than your future student debt.

The lengthy hallways filled with… lockers?:

Have you ever actually seen a student use one of those yellow lockers that fill the eerie hallways of the SAC? Didn’t think so. They say that those lockers are for “commuters” but that just sounds like a shitty cover to us, DePaul. We all know that Saint Vinny’s body is buried somewhere on campus, but THINK: An entire body would be too obvious. The more likely possibility is that Saint Vinny’s dismembered parts are locked in several lockers—his “most valuable part” lying in locker number 666 because sex is a sin, kids!


There are so many emergency signs:
If you think that all of the emergency exit signs and emergency phones dispersed throughout the SAC are actually for your safety, then you’re just a damned fool and are likely to die if this was a horror film set in the SAC. This building has far more emergency exit postings than any other building at DePaul. They want you to think that when you go out that creepy ass door, you’ll be lead to safety, but it will more accurately lead to your impending doom.

Bathrooms of death:

The women’s bathroom located on the second floor of the SAC looks like something straight out of the movie Carrie. This may have something to do with the visible piping, fluorescent lighting or burnt red color scheme that give the bathroom a “totally retro” and terrifying look. We can’t tell if it’s just another form of female oppression or the 70’s trying to haunt us, but we do know that if you’re having trouble going to the bathroom, this one will conveniently make you shit yourself.

Students reported having “bad thoughts”:

Many students who have taken classes in the SAC have reported having depressing thoughts and an overall feeling of darkness upon leaving class. Let’s just say, people  questionable their Vincentian values when in this building. There has to be something in the walls of  SAC responsible for all indecent student behavior.

After the investigation, it’s difficult to discern whether the SAC is a place encompassing a plethora of sinister secrets or if it’s just an outdated piece of crap. However, based on the millions that DePaul racks in each year from its overpriced tuition, that leads us to believe that the latter isn’t the case. BOO!

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