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How to Fulfill Your Dream of Becoming Hokage and Still Enjoy the Full DePaul Experience: The Naruto Run Across DePaul

Some of DePaul students are torn between two destinies. On one hand, they have the promise of a successful education at DePaul, with strong degrees and good career prospects. On the other, they struggle with their dream of crushing their rivals and becoming the strongest ninja in the Hidden Leaf Village. These two lifestyles may seem mutually exclusive but, with the Naruto Run Across DePaul, you can truly have the best of both worlds.

5.) Seal a demon within your bellybutton:
In order to become Hokage, you’re going to need a source of power, that will allow you to surpass your fellow ninja. Much like Naruto, DePaul’s nerds emulate a distinct running gait  that requires a good source of energy involving a contract with a demon sealed within some orifice. DePaul has no shortage of Demons running around, so go ahead and shove Dibs up in there. This will give you the edge you need to achieve your nindo: your ninja destiny.

4.) Live on-campus your first year:
If you want to know what it’s like to be a DePaul student, you need to live on campus freshman year. There’s nothing quite like making friends with all the people on your hall, or being able to experience the joys of independence surrounded by like-minded people. Don’t worry about infamously bad roommates, or having to swipe every guest in, these are just more parts of being a Blue Demon.

3.) Crush your ultimate rival:
Becoming Hokage means surpassing every ninja in the Hidden Village, even those you’ve had a fiery and sexually charged rivalry with since adolescence. Whether it’s Sasuke, talent boy from down the street, who knows he must surpass you to defeat his wicked older brother, or Jeffery, from WRD 102, you know you’ll have to surpass your rivals with martial arts to truly be the best.

2.) Commute to the Loop:
Taking classes in both the Loop and Lincoln Park is an integral part of life at DePaul University. Learning to manage mass transit is an important part of the DePaul experience, and how can the city be your campus if you’re trapped in one neighborhood. Just remember, never go to the south side.

1.) Run like Naruto:
All of those steps are important, but none of them are more important than participating in this afternoon’s Naruto Run Across DePaul. Bring your best ninjutsu, and your blue demon spirit, and throw your hands behind your head, and run through the quad like an idiot. It truly is a happy medium.

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