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The Future of DePaul Basketball Rests on the Power of Friendship

Pantelis Xidias is a walk-on for the DePaul varsity basketball team. He wears rec specs, he’s 5’9” 155 lbs, and generally looks like the type of guy who hustles his fuckin’ ass off during casual games at the Ray.

But what if we told you Pantelis is the future of DePaul basketball. He is the skeleton key to DePaul basketball becoming a juggernaut. You see, Pantelis went to La Lumiere high school, and just so happens to be best friends with Tyger Campbell, DePaul’s #1 recruit.

DePaul basketball is shamefully bad, to the degree that we all just collectively reject it entirely (RIP Cleveland). But DePaul tends to repel anything remotely athletic. Unfortunately, with Wintrust stadium, already built, there’s a lot riding on the team’s success. But if Pantelis is able to maintain his friendship with the high school senior Campbell – as hard as that can be for a chill ass college kid – who knows what could be in store for DePaul basketball. Hell, one day Pantelis’ jersey might be hung in the rafters.

So in 2018 let’s all take a lesson from Pantelis — thrust into a situation we probably shouldn’t be, not really sure how we can help, but strapping on some goggles and making the goddamn best of it. His vigorous, and oddly unprompted, passion for his teammates is inspiring alone, and now he might be the golden ticket to glory.

Now please, Pantelis, don’t screw this up man. Tyger commits to DePaul or the goggles get it.

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