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We Need to Raise Fall Awareness on DePaul’s Campus

These days it can feel like if you don’t have an ImPoRtAnT iSsUe to advocate, you’re as useful as a fire-resistant sack of shit left on the wrong doorstep. While Tumblr soul-searching and copying everyone else might have been solid paths to finding passion in the past, these methods tend to lack originality. We as the human race spend the months of September, October, and November living our day-to-day lives in the autumn season, but most people don’t even notice what is happening outside in our community. OPEN YOUR EYES, PEOPLE! Here is how to bring fall awareness to our campus:

5.) Leaf Life-Span Demonstration:
Humans aren’t the only ones with a life cycle—leaves have one, too. Celebrating the leaves changing color should be the same as celebrating a woman aging naturally. Discrepancies! Leaves don’t exist for your objectification. Stop telling them to smile. According to Yahoo! Answers, there were over 400 billion leaves in the world in 2005. Bring this statistic to the street by displaying an informative chart outside of Arts and Letters detailing all that leaves go through before being piled up and squashed by laughing children. Bang a gong every time a leaf falls to the ground.

4.) Pumpkin Carving Catharsis:
Searching for a unique seasonal artistic experience? Well, look no further. Join us on the quad for the first annual Pumpkin Carving Catharsis. Participants are invited to scenescape an upsetting life event that occurred in a fall month. Light a candle in the jack o’lantern of your identity theft and feel the closure wash over your autumn spirit.

3.) Make Your Own Spiced Latte:
Pumpkin Spiced Lattes (PSL) are overrated and conformist. At the Spiced Latte Partte, DePaul students will be able to craft autumnal drinks with fruits and spices that match their own sensibility. Grumpy with a heart of gold? Then the Apple Cumin Latte will make you think, “This is who I am.” Love tapestries from Urban Outfitters and eating quinoa? The Dragonberry Paprika Latte will make everyone say, “I wish!”

2.) End the Ghost Stigma:
The ghost culture has experienced centuries of discrimination and injustice during the fall months. Have you ever stopped to think that we’re the ones haunting them? It. Must. End. Now. Help by collecting signatures outside the Fullerton stop demanding greater representation in our justice system for our afterlife brethren. Just because they’re invisible doesn’t mean they should be treated like they’re invisible, you know?

1.) Men in Plaid Calendar:
There is an open casting call for handsomely rugged men wearing plaid to pose for our fall-year-round calendar. Beards are optional but preferred. Hold a puppy, an apple cinnamon candle, or a sugar cookie with a pumpkin on it to really get the point across that fall is not only a season but a state of mind.

Just as every artist needs a muse, every activist needs a cause. Make fall yours! Using these tactics will help increase the visibility of a season with a whole lot to offer. First stop, fall. Next stop, the world!


Posted by The Black Sheep on Monday, October 17, 2016

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